Where Was Nine Perfect Strangers Filmed? Cast, Crew, and Plot of the Nine Perfect Strangers!


After watching the first three episodes of Nine Perfect Strangers via streaming, you will undoubtedly be attracted by the concept. The new Hulu series is set in a verdant health and wellness resort that promises life-altering benefits. In view of the stress associated with the pandemic and daily living, this sounds like a tremendous treat. If you’ve been following Nine Perfect Strangers and are curious about the actual filming locations, you’re in luck.

Although the series appears bright and sunny, it’s evident that the nine people who come at the wellness retreat are in for some unexpected twists and turns. Under the guidance of their spiritual teacher, Masha (Nicole Kidman), they start on a trip to revitalise their exhausted minds. But in order to obtain the full benefits of the retreat, they must submit to her calming abilities.

We promise your visit to these breathtaking locales will appear a little different without Kidman’s Masha, but here’s everything we know about the filming locations for Nine Perfect Strangers:

Where is Nine Perfect Strangers Set?

The series is based on the novel of the same name by Liane Moriarty, which is set in her native Australia. Instead of Australia, the new series takes place in Cabrillo, California, as shown by a sign within the show. But was Nine Perfect Strangers actually filmed there? Continue reading to learn more.

Where Was the Movie Nine Perfect Strangers Shot? Nine Perfect Strangers Sites Used for Filming:

Actually, Nine Perfect Strangers was not shot in California. The book and the miniseries were both filmed in New South Wales, Australia, according to Condé Nast Traveler. The saga was filmed for five months in the idyllic resort town of Byron Bay, nicknamed as “Goop-ville” in honour of Gwyneth Paltrow’s wellness firm. Some flashback scenes were shot in Sydney, Ballina, and Killen Falls, contributing to the expansive Australian (or Californian) scenery.


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A portion of the ensemble, including Nicole Kidman and Samara Weaving, are native Australians, thus filming for five months during the pandemic posed little difficulty. Additionally, star actor Bobby Cannavale is married to Australian actress Rose Byrne.

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Is Tranquillum House a Legitimate Health and Wellness Retreat?

No, the Tranquillum House is entirely fictional. However, there is a spa in place of the Tranquillum House: Soma, a spa in Ewingsdale, served as the major site for the miniseries. The setting encompasses a 22-acre woodland and features an infinity pool, a yoga dome, and a communal living area.

According to the retreat’s website, “Soma has been thoughtfully constructed with a modern yet inviting look, enabling exterior clarity for whatever internal room you require.” Similar to the plot of Nine Perfect Strangers!


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Does the Film Nine Perfect Strangers Have a Trailer?

Yes, the movie above provides a glimpse of these wonderful settings.

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