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Augusto Falcon (also known as Willy Falcon) and Sal Magluta are former Cuban-American drug lords who grew up as childhood friends in Miami and managed one of the most lucrative cocaine operations in the United States before their capture and imprisonment in the early 1990s.

Sal Magluta

Sal Magluta was not only a former drug dealer, but also a speedboat racer, online personality, and entrepreneur. He was born Salvador Magluta in 1955 in Cuba, which makes him 67 years old as of 2022. Manuel and Gloria Magluta, who ran a bakery in his hometown of Miami, Florida, raised him. They were extremely devoted to their businesses.

Magluta attended a local basic school in Miami then Miami Senior High School – he then dropped out together with his friend Willie, to start their drug venture.


After dropping out of school, Sal teamed with Willie to start a smuggling and drug operation, beginning with the sale of marijuana. In the middle of the 1970s, they began selling cocaine, which was more expensive and lucrative. Willie, who was well-spoken and more articulate, was responsible for selling and making deliveries, while Sal handled all commercial agreements. Their wealth expanded substantially over the years, and they purchased a number of planes and boats that they used to do business around the United States.

They opened numerous offshore and fictitious bank accounts to keep their money secure, and for a time they were at an advantage because the government, the public, and the media were unable to monitor their financial operations.

Sal also owned numerous successful construction and management enterprises, which worked as a front, and gave him extra income sources. As a speedboat racer, Sal participated in numerous national events, winning three of them, which led to his media appearances and public notoriety. Before his arrest, he was a member of the American Power Boat Association Commission.

Personal Life

Isabel, Magluta’s wife, was present in the courtroom throughout his trial. He has not released their wedding date, wedding ceremony specifics, or the names of their children.

Where is Willie Falcon Now?

Sal had an affair with Marilyn Bonachea, who worked in a bakery owned by the Magluta family. Marilyn first detested Sal because he was harsh and conceited, but she eventually fell in love with him and they began an affair. In 1979, Sal was caught for a minor drug offence and sentenced to one year and two months in jail and five years of probation. During this time, he continued to operate his drug company normally despite being incarcerated, as Bonachea visited him in prison and assisted him in laundering millions of dollars and forging documents, as revealed by Cinemaholic.

In 2002, he was sentenced to 205 years in a federal prison for murder – it is believed that Sal murdered numerous judges and witnesses who issued orders or testified against him – escapes, drug trafficking, bribery, and a number of other charges.

Later, his sentence was reduced to 195 years, so he will spend the remainder of his life in prison. Marilyn played a significant part in his conviction, as she testified against him and disclosed that she had helped him launder money and forge documents. Sal is currently at the USP Florence ADMAX in Colorado.

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Stature, Mass, and Physical Appearance

Sal is 1.75m tall and weighs about 58 kilogrammes (65kg). His European and American background is blended, and he has short black hair and dark brown eyes.

Monetary Worth

Prior to his arrest and imprisonment, Sal had amassed an estimated $500 million in wealth from his drug enterprise.

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Sal’s Partner Willie Falcon

Born in Cuba in 1955, Augusto Willy Falcon will be 67 years old in 2022. He attended a private elementary school in Cuba before moving to the United States and enrolling in Miami Senior High, where he met Sal Magluta and began their drug operation together; the pair were known by their alias ‘Los Muchachos.’

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Personal Background and Arrest

Willie married Alina Rossique at the height of his drug trafficking business, and the couple had three children: Jessica, Aileen, and William Falcon. Alina was tragically murdered and killed outside a beauty salon in August 1992, at the age of 33.

Willie and Sal were put on trial for narcotics trafficking in 1992. After a lengthy trial, Judge Federico Moreno declared them not guilty. However, as soon as they were released, the US Attorney’s Office launched an investigation into the pair’s funds, and it was subsequently discovered that they had bribed the jury, and they were charged with their crimes. Sal was given a life sentence, while Willie, who reached a plea bargain with the US government, was given a 20-year sentence.

Recently, in 2017, he was freed from prison and deported to the Dominican Republic. His brother Gustavo, who was also involved in the cocaine enterprise, vanished to avoid arrest and trial; he evaded the police for more than two and a half decades but was eventually discovered; during his trial in 2018, he pled guilty to possession with intent to distribute cocaine. He was given a sentence of eleven years in jail and is currently incarcerated.

Stature, Mass, and Physical Appearance

Willie is 1.73m tall and weighs roughly 63 kilogrammes (66kg). His eyes are hazel and his hair is short and black.

Net Worth

Willie amassed a fortune in the drug smuggling industry by purchasing cocaine from the Colombian Medellin Cartel and reselling it in the United States. Additionally, he profited from the real estate and construction businesses he built to launder his narcotics money. As of 2022, he is worth roughly $50 million, according to credible sources.

In 2021, Netflix released “Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami,” a documentary miniseries on the lives of Willy and Sal in the cocaine business. In addition, there is a biography named “The Corporation” that recounts Falcon’s life as told to the author by Falcon himself.

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