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The name Kris Kross evokes a strong sense of nineties nostalgia. Did you succumb to the fashion craze of wearing your clothing backwards? The early nineties were an exciting moment for music, particularly hip hop and rap music. The music culture of the 1990s welcomed the rap duo Kris Kross with wide arms, despite the fact that they were only 13 at the time. Everyone remembers their 1992 mega-hit “Jump” and their unique manner of wearing clothes backward.

Where are they currently? Let’s find out.

Early Kris Kross Life and Career

Initially, we must start from the beginning. James Christopher “Mac Daddy” or “Miggida Miggida Mac” Kelly and Christopher “Daddy Mac” Smith are the two members of Kris Kross. They both grew up in Atlanta and became pals in the first grade. They began playing together at a young age, and famed rapper and producer Jermaine Dupre spotted them at a mall performance.

Early in the spring of 1992, they released their debut album, Totally Krossed Out, after signing with Ruffhouse Records. Dupri ultimately produced the entire record to tremendous success. Their first and most memorable single, Jump, debuted at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 and remained there for an astounding eight weeks.

That was the longest run at number one for any rap song at the time. The confident “Warm It Up,” the second single from Totally Krossed Out, peaked at number 14 on the charts. This was sufficient to propel the album to platinum status.

People were observant. They were invited to open for Michael Jackson’s Dangerous World Tour and even appeared in his music video for Jam. TLC, a nineties-famous all-girl R&B group, featured the boys in a music video for their hit Hat 2 da Back around this period. During this time, they also launched the ill-conceived Kris Kross: Make My Video Sega CD game.

It allowed users to create their own Kris Kross music videos utilising stock material, original music videos, and a variety of 90s-style video animation effects. It performed poorly in terms of sales, and critics ripped it apart. Electronic Games Monthly placed Kris Kross: Make My Video at number 18 on a list of the 20 worst video games of all time.

Kris Kross Mainstream Achievement

Their second album, Kris Kross Da Bomb, was released in late 1993. This record was another hit for the young Chrises; it was certified platinum.


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Young, Rich & Dangerous, their final album, also signalled the end of the group. That does not mean the record was not successful. It was certified gold and sold around 500,000 copies globally. After that, they recorded a second album with a new label, Judgement Records. This 25-track album was never issued, though. Kris Kross split and its members pursued sporadic solo careers in relative obscurity. Each individual was involved in production and songwriting.

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What Is Kris Kross Doing Currently In 2022 – Recent Developments

Unfortunately, there will not be a reunion in the near future. Chris Kelly aka “Mac Daddy” was found lifeless at his house shortly after their performance at Jermaine Dupri’s So So Def Anniversary Concert. He was rushed to Atlanta Medical Centre, but he was finally pronounced dead there. Following an autopsy, it was determined that he had died from a narcotic overdose. He had 34 years of age.

His former bandmate was, to say the least, saddened by the news. Shortly after the tragedy, he released a statement declaring that “he was like a brother” and that “he will cherish the memories of C-Connection.” He also acknowledged their aliases, “Daddy Mac” and “Mac Daddy.”


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Currently, “Daddy Mac” operates the website UrbaneMuse, which sells apparel (jackets, t-shirts, hoodies, jeans), shoes (sneakers, slides), bags (tote bags, backpacks, belt bags), jewellery, and eyewear. In addition, they sell accessories such as wallets, hats, scarves, and socks, among others. Additionally, the website offers various art prints, ranging from abstract paintings to portraiture.

Additionally, he published a new Kris Kross CD to commemorate their 30th anniversary. It consists of five tracks, all of which are various versions of their breakthrough single “Jump” and is available on SoundCloud. For example, there’s a radio cut, extended dance mix, super cat mix, and super cat dessert mix.

You can also follow Chris Smith on social media if you so choose. His Instagram account (@urbanemuse) has over 41 thousand followers. In addition, you can also find him on Twitter (@urbanemuse), where he periodically tweets.

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