Where is Eileen Franklin lipsker Now? Let’s Talk About Eileen Franklin-lipsker Current Location!


Eileen Franklin-Lipsker from the Showtime series Buried on Showtime – What is she now doing? Determine what she is doing today. Viewers seek information on Eileen Franklin’s spouse and mother on her Wikipedia page.

Showtime’s four-part documentary series Buried analyses the 1969 murder of 8-year-old Susan Nason through her buried remembrance, which became the case’s focal point.

In fact, Susan’s childhood best friend, Eileen Franklin-Lipsker, came forward in late 1989, twenty years after the event, claiming to have seen her father do the crime. She had merely repressed it.

Since Eileen had off-the-record conversations with the Buried showrunners and did not appear on camera, let’s find out where she is and what she’s doing now.

Who is Eileen Franklin-lipsker From the Showtime Series Buried?

In the 1960s, Eileen Franklin-Lipsker was Susan Nason’s next-door neighbour, classmate, and best friend in Foster City, California, where they both resided. As they did on September 22, 1969, the two attended the elementary school down the block.

They were incapable of foreseeing Susan’s death on that terrible day. The peculiar aspect of this circumstance is that, despite their closeness, Eileen never read any news articles or discussed it with anyone, including her family. Years later, when Eileen lied to her father, the purported motive for this was disclosed.

In late 1989, while playing with her daughter, who was similar to Susan’s age at the time of her murder, Eileen Franklin-Lipsker recalled her father, George Franklin, allegedly seizing, raping, and beating her friend in front of her eyes.

Her husband, Barry Franklin, persuaded her to contact and submit the information to the police.

According to Eileen, on that fateful autumn day, George abducted Susan from their neighbourhood and took her into the “woods.” Upon arriving, he allegedly raised Susan’s skirts and raped her in the trunk of the car.

Eileen Franklin-Lipsker continued by stating that George struck her friend in the head with a rock and compelled her to help cover her body with a sheet from their luggage.

Following this, he allegedly threatened to murder her if he detected her discussing it. According to Eileen, George even claimed that she would be reprimanded or arrested if she ever disclosed what had occurred.

In addition, Eileen told police and the court that her father sexually abused her and a brother when they were children.

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What is Eileen Franklin-lipsker Working Now?

After George’s trial, Eileen Franklin-Lipsker co-wrote Sins of the Father: The Landmark Franklin Case: a Daughter, a Memory, and a Murder, in which she described how childhood trauma had affected her memory and recollections for decades.

Until her retirement in the mid-1990s, she appeared on numerous talk shows to spread her message as an advocate.

At that point, her mother Leah, who had earlier supported her and testified against George, had publicly recanted her statements.

In addition, according to Janice Franklin, Eileen retrieved her alleged memories of Susan’s murder through hypnosis. Eileen completed a final series of interviews, arguing that her memories are authentic regardless of the circumstances surrounding their revival.

We only know that she has gone to California and that she has been widowed twice. Eileen, who is in her early sixties, changed her identity to distance herself from the past and remain nameless for as long as possible.

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