Where Is Dr Cline Now: How Was Dr. Cline Found Out?


Donald Cline’s tale is horrifying. 94 children with his DNA were born as a result of Dr. Donald Cline’s artificial insemination of dozens of women between the 1970s and 1980s, and when Netflix released the teaser for the film Our Father, viewers screamed in horror. But here’s the twist: He never inquired about the children’s upbringing and only became the focus of legal disputes because some of the kids realised they shared similarities in appearance after meeting in an unexpected setting. Donald Cline was formerly recognised as Indianapolis’ top fertility specialist.

Even so, he was acting dishonestly, and his secretive file wasn’t made public until 2016, years after he had been sexually reproducing women without their consent. Where is Dr. Cline now, though? Does he remain alive? Why is he doing that? Has he received a prison sentence? Find out everything here.

Where Is Dr Cline Now

Who is Donald Cline?

Donald attended the medical school at Indiana University. He was a member of the American Air Force as well. Following his service, in 1979, he established his reproductive clinic and moved in with his wife and their two boys, Donna and Doug. He held a lot of respect due to his local residence and level of experience. But no one was aware during the course of his profession that he was secretly inseminating women who visited his clinic with his sperm. Until his retirement in 2009, Cline continued practising what is now illegal in Indiana. After that, it was discovered in 2016 that he had fathered 94 kids.

The fact that all 94 youngsters lived within a 25-mile radius of one another added attention to this discovery. After the children and their parents presented their cases to the Medical License Board of Indiana two years later, he was ordered to renounce his medical licence. Later, the board decided not to allow Dr. Cline to ever submit a request for his licence to be reinstated.

His acts weren’t unlawful at the time the offence was discovered. To the contrary, Indiana became the first state in the union to make it illegal for fertility doctors to utilise their patients’ sperm without their consent in 2019.

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What Happened in Donald Cline’s Court Case?

After lying to the Indiana attorney general’s office when they asked him in writing if he had ever used his own sperm to inseminate a patient, Cline was charged with two counts of criminal obstruction of justice in 2016. He had inseminated a number of women without their knowledge or agreement, but neither federal nor Indiana state law considered it to be a crime.

The state didn’t charge Cline with rape or battery with bodily waste, which is only brought up in Indiana if the battery is done “in a rude, arrogant, or furious manner,” according to a 2019 piece from The Atlantic. (Consider someone spitting angrily at someone else.) He was found guilty of obstruction, given a year of probation, and given a $500 fine. Additionally, he lost his medical licence, which may have hurt his dignity but had no real consequences for his daily life: After retiring in 2009.

Fertility doctor Charles Cline used his own sperm to artificially inseminate patients without their consent. Many of Cline’s biological children lobbied for a law that would have made lying about artificial insemination a felony. The team behind Our Father discovered “at least 44 additional doctors from around the world” who had done the same thing. According to a national survey conducted in 1987, only 2% of fertility doctors used their own sperm for such purposes.

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How Was Dr. Cline Found Out?

Jacobs Ballard, the lady who realised there was another person who resembled her identically, learned from an interview with The Guardian that he continues to live his life without regret. Using a 23andMe DNA testing kit, she learned Cline was her father. She discovered after the exam that more people resembled her. She conducted some research and found out her father was Donald Cline. After Jacoba made her research findings public, a large number of her half-siblings also made the same assertion.

Where Is Dr Cline Now

Where is Dr. Cline Now?

Currently, Donald Cline resides close to many of his biological children in the Indianapolis region. To show The Atlantic how near he lived to Cline, Matt White pointed to their respective streets and said, “[He] lives down the block over there. My mom resides in this town, but I am down the street over there. He stated that despite their best efforts to avoid them, he and his mother had encountered members of Cline’s immediate family out and about.

He is involved in his community, according to Jacoba Ballard, a biological daughter of Cline who is prominently displayed in the video. He attends events like swim competitions for his grandchildren. Nothing can be hidden. The problem is that he is still active. I don’t believe he believes he has done much wrong in his mind. Ballard said that Cline has shunned his biological offspring, many of whom have autoimmune diseases identical to his own.

“I did make an attempt to reach him last year. I literally begged him for medical information because I have been ill for two years, she said, according to The Guardian. Also, nothing. I’m not the only one who is ill; my other siblings are as well. We simply want access to some medical information, but we are unable to do so. The other half-siblings are aware that Dr. Cline fathered at least 94 children through artificial insemination, according to the movie.

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Is Donald Cline Still Alive?

Following reports that Donald Cline had passed away, the documentary’s director, Lucie Jourdan, disclosed that Cline is still alive and well in his neighbourhood, where many are unaware of his former accomplishments.

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