Where is Brad Aldrich Now? He Coaching Career is Irreparably Damaged.


Where currently is Brad Aldrich? Brad Aldrich was the coach of the Chicago Blackhawks until Kyle Beach’s lawsuit revealed his nefarious nature, resulting in his firing. Before the lawsuit, Brad had sexually assaulted Kyle Beach. Even the Chigaco Blackhawks defended Brad Aldrich by refusing to discipline Kyle, resulting in a situation in which he was suffocated. due to not taking action against Brad.

But thankfully, Brad was eventually apprehended by the authorities when everything ran its course. In 2014, he was convicted of sexual assault on High School hockey player Kyle Beach. Consequently, Brad Aldrich is a registered sexual offender. Before he eventually filed the complaint, Kyle was suppressed.

After the disgraceful revelation, Brad has kept a low profile. However, it is known that he and his family currently reside in Michigan, United States. Aldrich has been seen or heard infrequently. Ever since then In this post, however, we will provide vital information about the former Blackhawks coach, including his present place of employment. Please read until the conclusion.

Three Other Victims Have Spoken Out Against Brad Aldrich and Intend to File Suit.

Other than Kyle Beach, who initially filed a lawsuit against Brad Aldrich under the alias ‘John Doe 1. Three additional defendants have spoken against Brad. In preparation for a lawsuit against Brad and the Chicago Blackhawks, they recruited Christopher Cortese.

John Doe 3, one of the possible claimants, has accused Brad of sexually abusing him in October 2012. He claims that Brad disclosed his sexual orientation to him. Before the assault, Brad was his mentor, but he had to avoid him. John Doe 3 became an alcoholic for the sake of his mental health and tranquilly. He was unable to speak at the moment because repeated attempts to do so failed.

The second possible claimant is Black Ace 1. Black asserts that Brad sent him sexually explicit photographs of himself without being asked. The final plaintiff is former Blackhawks head coach Paul Vincent. Paul testifies on behalf of the other plaintiffs. After he disclosed his misgivings and immoral activity, he believes that Brad threatened to harm him. Al MacIsaac, the then-vice president of hockey operations, penalised him by halving his salary because he reported Brad.

Where Currently is Brad Aldrich? He Works for a Glass-etching Company That Employs Interns in Their College Years.

Brad Aldrich went into hibernation after the terrible occurrence and his shameful expulsion from the Blackhawks. As the chief executive officer of OcuGlass, he seems to have begun a new life. OcuGlass is a glass etching firm based in Michigan. The company was founded in 2013 with four people, but their number increased to thirty within five years. The company’s strong relationship with universities and colleges enables it to have more employee lists in 2022.

In a March 2019 post on the company’s website, Brad Aldrich acknowledged the contribution of interns from colleges and universities to the company’s growth. He stated that OcuGlass plans to continue to recruit and work with college student talent in all areas of their business, and that they are proud of the programme that has developed and extremely appreciative of the interns’ efforts.

Close is a Sexual Offender of Tier Two Who is Prone to Reoffend.

As a result of the disclosure that Brad has been abusing Kyle Beach, a high school hockey player. He served less than a year in prison and was wounded as a level two sexual offender. Consequently, he is required to validate his information every six months. His crime is not covered by insurance. The state’s database of sexual offenders provides easy access to information about him. Although being on the register prevents Brad from having direct contact with institutions such as schools and public parks, he is not prohibited from having such interaction. However, he is not prevented from living a regular life because the sanctions against him are not severe.

where is brad aldrich now

However, being listed in the registry of sexual offenders is an extreme position for him. However, according to the Michigan law enforcement agency, Aldrich is entitled to hire only interns above the age of 19. Fearing that he might easily relapse, he still confronts opposition. Elizabeth Jeglic, a psychology professor at John Jay College, denounced Brad’s exposure to interns as a high-risk activity. On the other hand, a few individuals, such as Jared Peryam, an alumnus of Finlandia University who once worked for Brad, believe that he is a nice guy and a changed individual.

Brad Aldrich’s Coaching Career is Irreparably Damaged.

Being a sexual offender is a heinous offence and must be addressed as such by all means. During his time with the Glory, Brad Aldrich had a successful coaching career. He even lead Blackhawk to the 2009/2010 Stanley Cup victory. His name will be removed off the Stanley Cup because of his disgusting behaviour. After an examination by the legal firm Jenner & Block revealed Blackhawk’s incompetence in punishing Brad, this verdict was rendered.

where is brad aldrich now

Rocky Wirtz, chairman of the Blackhawks, requested in a letter to the Hockey Hall of Fame that Brad Aldrich be removed from the Stanley Cup. In a press release, The Hall of Fame Chair, Lanny McDonald, along with the NHL Commissioner, Gary Bettman, and Deputy Commissioner, Bill Daly, affirmed their support of the request and stated that they would seek the most effective means to grant it.

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Molesting or attacking any human, regardless of gender, will never be an acceptable social norm. Criminals like Brad Aldrich should be appropriately punished. While sexual abuse victims should be encouraged to speak up. They should receive all the care and assistance necessary to recover from such traumatic situations.

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