Where is Battlebots Filmed? Filming Locations Revealed!

Where is Battlebots Filmed? BattleBots is a show about robots fighting each other. It could be one of the best things you ever see. You can watch people build things that will be destroyed or even blow up. This show has something for everyone.

The audience’s response is one of the best parts of the show. The show has a live audience, which makes each episode so much more exciting. If you want to see BattleBots in person soon, you need to know where the show is filmed so you can make travel plans. Don’t worry, we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

Where is Battlebots Filmed?

The movie BattleBots was made in Lakewood, California. In fact, California is where the BattleBots company is based. More specifically, each fight happens in a place called the BattleBox. This arena is a giant box with high walls on all four sides.

Everyone can see what’s going on because the walls look like they’re made of clear plastic. On each side, you can see people in the studio. Behind this wall are the commentators and the competitors.

Where is Battlebots Filmed

Given how dangerous things can get in the BattleBox, this is one of the most important parts of the experience. Things break all the time, and when they do, pieces often fly away. There are also many fights in which things catch fire.

So, no, you don’t want to take the chance of getting hurt because something flew at your face. The safety walls also make sure that everyone can just watch the bots fight and not worry about anything else.

Filming Locations Revealed

Lakewood, California, is where the movie Battlebots 2020 is made. 2770 Industry Avenue is the exact address. The show is shot in a studio in front of a live audience. “BattleBox” is the name of the place where the fights happen.

Because of the nature of the show, safety is very important. The arena has high walls made of strong, see-through plastic to protect the contestants and audience from flying objects. The new Battlebots season, which started on January 6, 2022, had more than a hundred robots and was shot live in Las Vegas.

Each robot battle lasts three minutes, and the robot that gets hurt or destroyed in the fight loses. The first battle from the show’s first season took place in Long Beach, California, in 1999, and it was streamed online.

Where is Battlebots Filmed

Lenny Stucker, who is known for putting on professional boxing shows on TV, saw the match and was interested in the show because he thought the idea of robots fighting was cool. The show’s creators tried to sell it to CBS, NBC, HBO, and Showtime, but none of them bought it.

In 1999, a second event was held in Las Vegas as a pay-per-view. This was used as a pilot to show that the show should be brought back, which worked. In the end, Comedy Central picked up the show. Debbie Liebling, who was the Senior Vice President of the network, thought that young adults would like the show.

What is the Plot of Battlebots?

Battlebots is a fight between robots. Imagine “Real Steel,” but with more truth. Each competitor builds and controls his or her robot with a remote control. The robots are armed and armored machines made to fight in a tournament where the losers have to leave.

The show also tells about the people who made the bots and how they were made. The show does spend a lot of time on the technical side of making bots. Teams of people with different skills that are needed for the competition are the competitors.

On each team, there is a product designer, an engineer, a software engineer, an electronic engineer, and a fan of robots. The team designs, builds, and tests their robots, which are then put in the arena to fight. The very first show. Marc Thorpe came up with Robot Wars.

Where is Battlebots Filmed

Thorpe and Profile Records, which helped pay for the show, fought in court for a long time after their partnership ended in 1997. When Comedy Central picked it up for an American version, they wanted sketches with the contestants to be a part of the show because they thought the idea was too strange.

They also wanted to have “attractive geek girls” like Carmen Electra on the show, but this idea was turned down. As “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” got more popular, contestants like Christian Carlberg and Lisa Winter were asked to come on. During its third season, the show beat South Park to become the most popular show on the network during that time.

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