Where is Annabelle Doll Now? That Annabelle Doll… Who is She, Really?


Those who have seen the ANNABELLE Doll featured in the Conjuring horror films will find that she is a disturbing figure.

There are rumours that the scary porcelain character is actually possessed by a demon. This is everything you need to know about the terrifying toy…

Who Exactly is It This Annabelle Doll?

Those who have seen any of The Conjuring films will recognise Annabelle Doll as a central character in the franchise.

The porcelain doll has been called a “terrifying porcelain doll that is disfigured and immediately ominous.” This is the description that has been given of the doll. In the Conjuring movie franchise, the doll plays an important role as a recurrent nemesis.

Annabelle has also starred in a number of films under her own name, the most notable of which being Annabelle (2014), Annabelle: Creation (2017), and Annabelle Comes Home (2018). (2019).
In the first film in the Conjuring franchise, it is revealed that a demonic entity became bound to the doll in some way.

In the film that serves as a prequel, titled Annabelle, further information on the history of the doll is revealed.

Where is Annabelle Doll Now?

In the movie Annabelle, the doll is a gift that John Form offers to his pregnant wife Mia as a token of his love. The family experiences paranormal activity whenever the doll is in the room with them.

Those who are not familiar with The Conjuring films should know that these movies are a fictionalised rendition of the “real-life cases” of paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren.

Warren has provided some details regarding the “true” narrative that lies behind the Anabelle Doll.

In contrast to the porcelain doll depicted in the films, the actual Annabelle doll was a Raggedy Ann Doll and appeared to be quite innocent.


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Where Can You Find Annabelle Doll at This Time?

The Annabelle Doll can currently be found in the Occult Museum run by Ed and Lorraine Warren in Monroe, Connecticut.

The doll was reportedly given to a student nurse in the year 1970, as stated by the real-life Warrens.

Following a series of unexplainable occurrences involving the doll, a psychic medium revealed to the nurse that the doll was in fact possessed by the ghost of a young woman whose name was “Annabelle.”

Ed and Lorraine Warren were asked to investigate, and they came to the conclusion that the doll was in fact possessed by a demonic spirit.

Nevertheless, the judgement handed down by Warren has been the topic of debate. According to the science writer Sharon A. Hill, “Like real-life Ed Warren, real-life Annabelle is actually far less spectacular.”

She stated that “We have nothing but Ed’s word for this, and likewise for the history and origins of the objects in the museum.” This was in reference to the assertions made by Warren.

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