Wheel of Time Season 2: What Will Happen in This Season ?

the wheel of time season 2

The Wheel of Time is going to keep turning for a long time, because Amazon Prime Video renewed the show six months before it started airing in November 2021.

So, in short, there will be a second season of The Wheel of Time. In fact, people say that filming is well under way.

Just before the first finale aired, TVLine talked to Vernon Sanders, the head of global TV for Amazon Studios, about why the show was picked up for a second season so soon:
“We like the show, and as the episodes came out and we saw how well they were made and as we talked to Rafe Judkins, the show’s creator, about where the next seasons would go, we knew we had something that could last a very long time for us.

“These are huge investments, so of course we took a lot of time to make sure we were making the right choice, but it keeps paying off for us. All the credit goes to Rafe and his amazing team, as well as the cast, which was led by Rosamund Pike as Moiraine.

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These investments are already paying off, since The Wheel of Time was the most-watched original series on Amazon Prime Video in 2021. This is a very good sign for season two, which will continue to be based on the books written by Robert Jordan.

the wheel of time season 2

Join us here at Digital Spy as we use a spell to see into the future and figure out what will happen to Rosamund Pike’s Moiraine and all of her magical friends in The Wheel of Time season two.

When will Amazon Prime Video air Wheel of Time season 2?

Amazon hasn’t said when season two of The Wheel of Time will come out yet.

Since filming started in July 2021, we could see new episodes in the spring or summer of 2022. But Amazon will have another big release later this year (more on that later), which could change when season two of The Wheel of Time comes out.

We don’t know a lot about how the story of The Wheel of Time will continue on screen, but we do have a few clues.

The season will have eight episodes, just like the first season did. The first episode of season two will be called “A Taste of Solitude,” which was also announced on their official Twitter page.

A picture of the script was posted with the words “With this many Ta’veren in one place, one season would never be enough.” We just want more! Give us more details.

This information was taken from Twitter. On their website, you might find the same information in a different format, or you might find more information.
Fans went crazy with excitement when they saw this post, and some asked for information about a release date or a trailer.

Vernon Sanders gave a new update on season two on December 22, 2021, via TVLine: “Rafe Judkins and his team just sent us the first cuts of the first episodes of season two, and I can’t wait for the audience to see what we have in store.”

When asked if Amazon plans to air season two along with the highly anticipated Lord of the Rings prequel series, which starts on September 2, 2022, Sanders said:

“We’re going to give a lot of thought to how we put these shows out. We think they are very different shows, but we know that genre fans like both, and we are excited about the variety of content we have. In addition to these two, we have The Expanse and The Boys, Carnival Row is coming back, and Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy have a great show called The Peripheral. We are very happy about what’s to come.”

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With this in mind, don’t be surprised if the second season of The Wheel of Time starts right after the first season of Lord of the Rings ends.

Who Is Back for Season 2 of the Wheel of Time?

Rosamund Pike will definitely play Moiraine Damodred in season two of The Wheel of Time. She is the lead actor, so she will be back, and she will give it her all.

the wheel of time season 2

In an interview with Access, Pike, who plays Moiraine, said:

“We are putting everything we have into something that is big and has a lot going on. That you care about the characters, because in the end, people will be able to see themselves in any of our characters, and I think they’ll be fan favourites.”

She told Entertainment Weekly what it is about Moiraine that makes her such an interesting character.

Pike says, “At first, we only see a small part of the layers Moiraine will show as the seasons pass.”

“She doesn’t show all of her cards; she shows very few. In episode two, she tells Madeleine Madden’s character Egwene, “We always tell the truth, but it may not always be the truth you think you hear.” This is a very important piece of advice when dealing with Aes Sedai, who can still lie about the truth.”

She says, “Moiraine has a lot of willpower. By the time we meet her in this series (series one), she’s been on a mission for 20 years. She’s only had one goal, and she’s put her friends and her own wants on the back burner to get there. In that way, she’s very good, but it’s almost scary.”

We Can’t Wait to See How Her Character Develops More

She will be joined by a number of new cast members, including Ceara Coveney from The Amazing World of Emma, Meera Syal from Broadchurch, and Natasha O’Keeffe from Peaky Blinders. Guy Roberts, Arnas Fedaravicius, and Gregg Chilingirian, who will all play Uno Nomesta, Masema, and Ingtar Shinowa in season two, will appear with these three.

That’s not all, either. Ayoola Smart, who played Eve in Killing Eve, has also joined the cast, as of April 2022. The news was first told by executive producer Rafe Judkins at a fan event called JordanCon. It was later confirmed by The Wrap.

Smart is expected to play the character Aviendha, who first appeared in the third book of the series. A Wise One, she is known to be one of the strongest female channelers on the page, but the details of her on-screen character arc are being kept secret for now. Aviendha and Rand al’Thor could get pretty close if the script stays true to the source material, since she is one of his main romantic interests.

Also, Kate Fleetwood’s character Liandrin Guirale will be back, and in future episodes, fans will see a very different side of her. During the aforementioned JordanCon panel (via Screenrant), Fleetwood hinted that the second season of Guirale would explore a “deeper and darker side.” He also said that the second season would have some “surprises.”

The rest of the cast from season one should also be back, except for one big person. The original actor for Mat Cauthon, Barney Harris, has been replaced by The Witcher actor Dónal Finn. Fans think that this could mean that Mat Cauthon will have a darker future.

When asked why this change was made before the second season, Rafe Judkins, who runs the show, wouldn’t say. But he told Deadline that people won’t be too shocked by the change.

“It’s always hard, but I love how great Barney is in the first season,” he said. “Mat is played in season two by the amazing Dónal Finn. I’ve seen him do his scenes on set, and they’re amazing and really show who the character is.”

the wheel of time season 2

Loial, played by Hammed Animashaun, is another character whose future seems uncertain after the season one finale. Rafe has told EW that Loial is still alive, which is good news:

“Loial is still alive. He is alive and well, and he is shooting in Prague. I wanted people to be a little on edge because characters who don’t die in the books are going to die in real life. We have to do this because we can’t keep 2,000 regular series cast members for more than one season. It’s coming, and I want people to get their hearts ready for it. People will hopefully start to feel ready emotionally when they think Loial might be gone, but I couldn’t. He is the best.”

What Will Happen in Season 2 of the Wheel of Time?

Vernon Sanders gave a very encouraging answer to TVLine when they asked about season two and if it would “go even bigger” than the first season. This is great news for fans who can’t wait to see what comes next.

He said: “Rafe and Rosamund have both been great leaders. They are thoughtful, kind, and really want to do things the right way. So, before we started season 2, we definitely talked about, “What can we do even better now that we’ve shown this huge world and introduced these characters?” So I’m sure that season 2 of Wheel of Time will be bigger, bolder, and cover more ground.”

This show needs to get bigger, bolder, and more expansive as it goes on, because there are 14 books in the original series, which is a lot of material to sort through.

Trailer of This Season

The trailer has not bee release yet but you can get to the latest updated of trailer through this video.

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