Let’s Discuss: What Was Clarissa Saunders’s Cause of Death?


Raven Saunders lost her mother just days after winning a silver medal in the shot put at the Olympics. Since then, the athlete has said she will stop using social media so she can focus on her family and mental health.

Who was Clarissa Saunders?

Raven Saunders, who put the shot put in the Olympics and is now 25, was born to Clarissa Saunders. She died on August 3, 2021, which was just two days after she saw her daughter win her first Olympic medal at the Tokyo 2020 Games.

Raven raised her arms in a spectacular way to make an X on the podium. This was meant to show “where all oppressed people meet.” They were very close, and Raven often talked about how her mother was always there for her.

clarissa saunders cause of death

Clarissa set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for her daughter’s dream of going to the Olympics. The page said that Clarissa was a “single parent with limited means.” Her Facebook page says that she went to Burke High and lived in Charleston, South Carolina.

John Tecklenburg, the mayor of Charleston, said that Clarissa was “Raven’s biggest fan.”

What Was Clarissa Saunders’s Cause of Death?

The reason Clarissa died has not been found yet. Just days before she died, she was seen talking to reporters about Raven’s upcoming achievement and beaming with pride when talking about her daughter’s work.

Raven’s longtime coach wrote that Clarissa had died: “The mother of Raven Saunders, Mrs. Clarissa Saunders, has died.

“Mrs. Saunders and Tanzy, Raven’s sister, were at an Olympic Family watch party in Florida, where they were brought by the USATF. They also had a family party while they were there.”

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What Does Raven Saunders Say About the Death of Her Mother?

In a heartfelt Instagram post, Raven Saunders later told the world that her mother had died. The silver-medal winner posted several touching photos and videos of her mother with the caption, “My heart and soul are crying out right now, but I know my mom is in a great place.”

clarissa saunders cause of death

“I’ll miss your love, smile, hugs, advice, sense of humor, and random twerks. Our last talk was one of the best I’ve ever had. “Mama, I know that you love me with all of your heart. I’ll take care of Tanzy and make sure she’s okay. When your grandchildren are born, they will know what a wonderful and pretty woman you were.

“Forever and always your Firstborn. Mama and God, please keep an eye on our family and keep them safe.”

Then Raven said she was going to stop using social media “to take care of my mental health and my family.”

The athlete, who was very sad, praised her late parent again and told fans, “My mom was a great person, and she will always live on in me. She is my best guardian angel. I will love you always and always.”

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