What Type of Cancer Does Dustin Have?


Dustin Diamond, who played Zack on “Saved by the Bell,” died at age 44 after being diagnosed with stage four lung cancer.

The actor was getting chemo in Florida, and in his last days before he died on February 1, 2021, he was said to be in “a lot of pain.”

What Type of Cancer Did Dustin Diamond Have?

Dustin was told he had small-cell carcinoma in its fourth stage. This kind of cancer is very dangerous and usually starts in the lungs. Small-cell lung cancer only has two stages: limited disease, where the cancer hasn’t spread beyond the lungs, and extensive disease, where it has.

Chemoradiation is the term for treating people with chemotherapy and radiation at the same time. A person with a severe form of the disease can get both chemotherapy and immunotherapy.

what type of cancer does dustin have

Cancer is said to be in stage four when it has spread and is often fatal. Before Dustin died, a source told Us Weekly that the cancer diagnosis was bad news.

The source told the newspaper: “He is almost done with his treatments. It’s hard, really hard. He is in a lot of pain, but he doesn’t let it get him down “.

Diamond also had shingles, which are painful rashes all over the body that look like chicken pox. He had to deal with both cancer and shingles.

When Was Dustin Diamond Diagnosed With Cancer?

After being rushed to the hospital over the weekend of January 8, it was found that Diamond had cancer. Dan Block, who is friends with Diamond, told The Sun that Diamond has cancer.

Block said that the actor was afraid to go to the doctor earlier because he thought people would make fun of the lump on his neck.

“Right now, we don’t know how bad it is or where it has spread,” Block told The Sun on January 14. “I wanted to say something because some people are saying it’s a hoax. It’s not a hoax, Dustin is sick.”

When Did Dustin Diamond Die?

The star of “Saved by the Bell” died of stage four lung cancer on February 1, 2021. He was taken from the hospital to start hospice care at home, but tragically, he stopped breathing before he even got to his bed, his friend Dan Block told The Sun in an exclusive interview.

what type of cancer does dustin have

Before his speech got worse, Dan talked to Dustin and told him he was excited about the future and thought he only had a few weeks or months to live. Dan said, “I knew it was going to happen sooner than we thought on Thursday night.

“He told me he was dying and in a lot of pain, but he was still excited about the future because he thought he had a few more weeks or months. He thought it would be five months.”

When Did Dustin Diamond Play Screech on Saved by the Bell?

As the nerdy Samuel “Screech” Powers on NBC’s hit kids’ show Saved by the Bell, Dustin became well-known. The show ran from 1989 to 1993. In 1989, it was called “Good Morning, Bliss.”

Dustin was also in the spin-offs Saved by the Bell: The College Years (1994) and Saved by the Bell: The New Class (1994-2000).

So, Dustin was Screech for about 11 years in total.

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