What is Reto Clonazepam on Tiktok? How to Complete the Reto Clonazepam Challenge?


What is Reto Clonazepam on Tiktok? TikTok’s “Reto Clonazepam challenge” poisoned eight kids in Mexican schools. This medicine is used to treat seizures in children and adults. Additionally, it is utilised to treat anxiety, sleeplessness, and panic attacks.

In the past 48 hours, five students from Mexico City and three from Nuevo León have been afflicted by the use of anxiolytics. The officials of the capital warn against following this trend.

In recent days, the Cybernetic Police Unit of Mexico City’s Secretariat for Citizen Security (SSC) issued a warning over a TikTok challenge that pushes kids to damage themselves and put their lives in danger.

The trend has expanded throughout Mexico, as revealed by the authorities. Eight kids were treated by paramedics from Mexico City’s Rescue and Emergency Medical Squad (ERUM) at the Francisco I. Madero school in the San Rafael area.

What Does Reto Clonazepam Look Like on Tiktok?

The “clonazepam challenge,” which translates to “whoever sleeps the longest, wins,” is a viral TikTok challenge that has been a subject of concern for authorities in Mexico City since early January, when they issued a warning about the hazards of following this trend.

What Is Reto Clonazepam On Tiktok

This situation “threatens” the lives of minors. Eight Mexican kids, five from the capital and three from Nuevo León, were poisoned with anxiolytics, prescription-only tranquillizers, in their respective schools within the last 48 hours.

Five of them have been diagnosed with possible poisoning, and three have been admitted to the hospital as a precaution. Authorities report that the minors are in good health. The medicine can produce excessive drowsiness, increased salivation, muscular or joint pain, and blurred vision in its users.

How to Complete the Reto Clonazepam Challenge?

The government frames the Reto Clonazepam case as a conflict against the sedative effects of anxiolytics.

Students bring anxiety medications to school, take them, and then observe their effects. As the name suggests, the challenge winner is the last person to fall asleep. Beginning in January, the viral threat has spread to additional Mexican states. On September 9, seven children from a school in Veracruz were drunk after taking this substance.

Cuitláhuac Garca, the governor of the area, stated that the youths possessed thirty clonazepam pills and that the Executive will examine the incident and punish those involved.

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500 Challenge Incidents Involving Mexican Children

The Cybernetic Police of Mexico City, which is responsible for monitoring and conducting “patrols” over the Internet, was informed at the start of the month of the potential danger posed by this and other network-distributed difficulties.

In 2022, the authorities recognised around 500 cases affecting Mexican kids as a result of this issue.

What is Reto Clonazepam on Tiktok?

This publication has not discovered any TikToks with the features described by the Cyber Police, despite the fact that videos tagged “clonazepam” have had 82 million views.

According to the SSC, ERUM staff transported three youngsters to a hospital for specialist medical care. In contrast, two youngsters remained with relatives who decided to independently carry out the transfer. Fortunately, no participants have been reported as being very unwell.

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