What is Matt Weiss’s Salary? Can You Believe Matt Weiss Was Just Busted for a Cybercrime?

What is Matt Weiss’s Salary? After being accused of internet offences, Michigan co-offensive coordinator Matt Weiss Salary captured audiences’ attention.

Matt Weiss is an American football coach for the Michigan Wolverines, where he serves as the quarterback’s coach and co-offensive coordinator.

A Connecticut native who played collegiate football for Vanderbilt and later coached in different positions with the National Football League’s Baltimore Ravens (NFL).

In December, the football team’s Michigan coordinator was accused of committing computer access offences inside the team’s facility.

Yahoo confirmed that the breaches were Level II for the program’s recruiting and coaching offences and Level I for Harbaugh’s deceiving or misleading NCAA inspectors.

In 2023, What is Matt Weiss’s Salary?

Matt’s contract featured a basic pay of $850,000 for the 2022 season, and he was promoted to co-offensive coordinator, according to ESPN.

After his promotion, his pay was set to reach approximately $1.25 million due to bonuses. This is roughly double the $600,000 he earned in his rookie season in 2021.

Michigan finished in the top two in the Big Ten in scoring ($100,000) and in the top ten in the FBS in scoring ($100,000), and also had 12 regular-season victories ($200,000).


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Through January 10, 2025, his contract has two extra years outstanding at the same $850,000 base wage.

In addition, Matt’s appointment to co-offensive coordinator for the 2022 season entailed sharing play-calling responsibilities.

Matt Weiss Has Been Arrested for a Computer Crime?

Matt, co-offensive coordinator for the Michigan Wolverines, is not arrested, but he is promised, suspicious.

The police acknowledged to ESPN that an investigation is underway for a probable crime that occurred in Schembechler Hall, but did not specifically name Matt Weiss as a suspect.

Weiss stated to ESPN, “I am aware of the University of Michigan Police Department’s ongoing investigation and am completely working with investigators.

ABC News reports that on January 17, 2023, the University of Michigan Police Department confirmed in a statement to ESPN that it is investigating a suspected crime at Schembechler Hall.

According to ESPN, a Police representative stated that the department was unable to provide any information because the investigation was still underway.

The University of Michigan Police Department is investigating an allegation of computer access offences at Schembechler Hall between December 21-23, 2022, according to a statement from University of Michigan Deputy Chief of Police Crystal James.

What Did Matt Weiss Do?

A team member reported fraudulent conduct involving unauthorised access to University email accounts, as indicated by the log.

On January 17, 2023, a spokeswoman for the Michigan Athletic Department confirmed to the Free Press that Matt is on administrative leave, however it is unknown whether it is paid or unpaid.

As the Michigan Wolverines’ quarterback coach and co-offensive coordinator, he was the leading suspect.


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Examine the Career of Matt Weiss: Is He Fired?

As quarterback for his school’s baseball and football teams, he led them to the 2001 New England Prep School Class C championship, the school’s first.

According to a spokeswoman for Michigan’s athletic department, co-offensive coordinator Matt Weiss has been placed on administrative leave as the university’s Police department investigates a computer access offence.

Matt’s contract stipulates that he can be terminated for cause if he is convicted of a fraud-related crime, is convicted of a felony, or does an act that causes substantial harm to the University’s reputation.

Warde Manuel, director of athletics at Michigan, stated that the department received a draught notice of charges from the NCAA “concerning the football programme.”

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