What Happened With Yamiche Alcindor? Update on Her Net Worth in 2023!


What happened with Yamiche Alcindor? She made the decision to stop being the host of Washington Week.

Yamiche is an American journalist who has written about politics, social issues, and breaking news over the course of her career.

She worked for PBS NewsHour as a correspondent. She was a national political reporter for The New York Times before she joined PBS.

She wrote about Donald Trump’s campaign for president in 2016 and the work of President Barack Obama’s administration. She has also been a reporter for the newspapers USA Today and The Miami Herald.

In addition to being a journalist, she often gives comments on TV news shows. Yamiche has written for a number of magazines and newspapers, such as The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, and Essence.

What Happened With Yamiche Alcindor?

Fans of Alcindor wanted to know what was wrong with her health after she quit her job as the host of Washington Week.

Alcindor’s health is fine and not a cause for worry. She has kept working in journalism and taken on new responsibilities.


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Alcindor hasn’t said anything about why she’s leaving the show. She may have decided to leave on purpose so she could try something else or for personal reasons.

She seems to be moving on from Washington Week to find new things to do and learn. Journalists often move from place to place to learn about different things.

Also, to find out that the Journalist is healthy and has no health problems. It looks like Alcindor is doing well.


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A PBS Reporter is Moving to N.B.C. News After Washington Week.

The host of the PBS show “Washington Week,” Alcindor, said that she would leave her job at the end of February 2022.

Her last episode aired on the PBS affiliate station THIRTEEN on Friday, February 24. From 2018 to 2021, Alcindor had a very successful job as a White House correspondent for PBS NewsHour.

Then, in December 2021, she left PBS NewsHour to become a Washington correspondent for N.B.C. News.

Alcindor will spend all of her time on her job at N.B.C. and writing her next book now that she is no longer on “Washington Week.”

What Happened With Yamiche Alcindor?

Alcindor said goodbye on Twitter, saying that she was leaving the show for N.B.C. and putting out a thank-you letter to the team of Washington Week.

In a message, she said, “I won’t forget the time, commitment, dedication, and hard work that everyone on the Washington Week team and our amazing reporter guests put into making the last two years so successful.”

The journalist seems happy about her new job at N.B.C. and the chance to do something different.

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Update on Yamiche Alcindor’s Net Worth

Alcindor has kept quiet about how much she has made in her career, so people are often curious about her net worth and how she makes money.


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The source says that Alchindor’s net worth is about $1.8 million, which comes from her job as a journalist.

Alcindor could make money by giving speeches or making other appearances in the media. But her exact sources of income and earnings are not known to the public, so it’s hard to give a precise number.

She might also have another source of income that she hasn’t told anyone about, like a business or investments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Yamiche Alcindor Doing?

She went from PBS NewsHour to NBC News as a Washington correspondent in December 2021. She will now work at NBC and write her upcoming book full-time. Alcindor said goodbye on both Twitter and the Washington Week website.

Is Kareem Abdul Jabbar Related to Yamiche Alcindor in Any Way?

No relation to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, a famous basketball player (born Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor).

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