What Happened to Sienna Mae? Is She Not Alive? Latest Info!


Sienna Mae is a singer, dancer, and performer. She was previously involved with Jack Wright, whose ex-girlfriend has accused her of being abusive sexually.

Sienna started her career in the entertainment sector at an early age and is now known as a social media sensation. She began using Tiktok when she was 16 years old and rose to celebrity thanks to her self-assurance and the app’s rising popularity among the younger population.

Mae is a creative individual who often shares content videos on the social page she maintains. In addition to that, she is scheduled to appear in a music video trilogy alongside BeckyG, Julia Michaels, and Khea. She has been seen in several incarnations throughout the music award presentations.

What Happened To Sienna Mae? 

What Happened To Sienna Mae?

Sienna Mea has been banned from the social networking site as a result of the claims of sexual misconduct against her. She was harassed by his friend Jack Wright, who uploaded a video to the YouTube channel titled “what Sienna Mae done to me,” which he shared with the world.

In addition, Sienna has decided to stay away from the social network as a result of the case. The most recent video that she uploaded to TikTok was on January 20, 2022. She has posted about her workouts at the gym on her social media page.


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In addition, as a result of the situation with Jack, she deleted all of her social media accounts in January. Sienna is being implicated by Jack, and Jack’s best buddy has brought up the subject and agreed to testify against Sienna.

Mason has also stated that Sienna threatened to kill Jack and engaged in sexual misconduct toward him. In addition to this, Sienna has a history of being a bully toward other people in the Los Angeles area.

Where Can I Find Sienna Mae At This Time? Is She Not Alive?

Due to the fact that Sienna has kept a low profile in the entertainment industry, there is no information regarding the location of her current residence. The investigation, which was kicked off with a tweet, had a significant impact on her. Mason has referred to Jack and James as his closest friends on more than one occasion.


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For the time being, Sienna has not passed away. She has recently emerged from the phase of being covered by the media. She has emphasised that relationships can evolve and that disagreements can sometimes occur, but that we cannot abuse someone for committing a crime.

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Sienna Mae Gomez Boyfriend Age Gap

Sienna has now reached the age of 18 years old. Sienna was previously in a relationship with her now-ex-boyfriend Jack Wright, who was significantly younger than Sienna. After establishing clear limits in the relationship, Jack has brought up Sienna’s hidden personality. Jack claims that she engaged in sexually harassing behaviour against him and tweeted about the situation on the social media platform.


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In addition to this, Mason has claimed that the followers are aware of Sienna. In addition, after the tweet, Sienna’s parents contacted Mason and asked him to take the tweet down. They also expressed a desire to resolve the issue outside of social media.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Sienna Mae Wikipedia?

Sienna Mae Gomez (born 2004 [age 17–18]) is an American YouTuber and TikToker renowned for her body acceptance and vlogging content on primarily TikTok and occasionally YouTube.

What is the Background of Sienna Mae?

Nearly two weeks after the premiere of the programme, one of its key stars, 18-year-old influencer Jack Wright, uploaded a 17-minute YouTube video revealing an alleged sexual assault by Sienna Mae Gomez, also 18 years old and a former friend and fellow TikTok star.

How Much Does Sienna Mae Make?

Excluding brand agreements, she earns an estimated $200 to $1,000 every post on TikTok, resulting in an estimated total TikTok income of $200,000. On YouTube, she estimates earning $12,000 per year.

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