What Happened to Rocky Badd? How Does She Relate to Stunt Girl?

What Happened to Rocky Badd? Long ago, it was reported that she was kidnapped, assaulted, robbed, and kept in a dog cage, and that the rapper Cuban Doll was responsible for this hate crime. Is it true?

Rocky Badd is a Detroit rapper whose tracks ‘Gone,’ ‘What You Want,’ and ‘Make it Back’ brought him worldwide fame and success.

In 2016, the rapper, who is now immensely popular among the youthful population, began publishing music on SoundCloud.

Rocky has a fiery spirit, a dazzling smile, and a youthful passion that shines through in the way she attacks the microphone.

In 2016, she uploaded her debut track to Soundcloud. Prior to that, she uploaded a substantial amount of her music to YouTube. Since then, Rocky Badd has released songs and videos that have garnered tens of thousands of views.

What Happened to Rocky Badd? Her Physical Conflict With the Cuban Doll

In January of 2018, a violent altercation happened between the Dallas rapper Cuban Doll, a former social media sensation, and the Detroit rapper, whose longstanding feud led to a terrible crime.

The debate led to an incident that led to Cuban Doll’s dismissal from Capitol Music Group. Rocky Badd claims she won in a twenty-minute video she released. Rocky B and Cuban Doll then began to release diss tracks that were critical of one another.

When Rocky Badd’s then-boyfriend, the rapper Tadoe, badly battered her in May, the situation deteriorated, and Rocky B allegedly made fun of Cuban as a result.

Doll escalated her retaliation at a later point. Cuban organised a fictitious gathering and invited Rocky B. According to the Instagram post, they ‘walked her into an alley where they kidnapped, pistol-whipped, and beat her’

In addition to being robbed, Rocky’s chain was seized. Sadly, Cuban had recruited men in California to do this to her.

What Happened to Rocky Badd?

In addition, her manager, Lando Bando, was present and was also badly attacked. Worse yet, the Detroit rapper was also placed in a dog cage by Cuban Doll accomplices who took photographs that were posted to The Shade Room Teens’ Instagram account.

Capital Music Group subsequently agreed and released Cuban Doll from their label. She mentions that the contract she signed was bad and that she was a ‘free agent,’ but she doesn’t appear very unhappy.

How Does She Relate to Stunt Girl?

Stunna is also implicated in Rocky’s kidnapping case, therefore yes, Rocky Badd and Stunna Girl are related. The two have even created diss tunes for one another.



At the time, Cuban Doll and Stunna, a California hoodrat/rapper/escort, maintained a strong friendship. Numerous individuals assume she was the mastermind behind the entire catastrophe.

However, Cuban and Stunna are no longer friends due to their numerous altercations. Stunna, for instance, broke into her home as she slept and beat her before engaging in a second battle with her and stealing her jewelry.

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What is Rocky Badd Currently Doing? Her Private Life Was Examined

Undoubtedly, Rocky Badd’s life was filled with ups and downs. From being kidnapped to nearly being murdered, she has witnessed a lot.

However, Rocky is now well and enthusiastically pursuing her musical career. Since she is now concentrating on her musical endeavours in 2023, we wish her the best of luck in her endeavours. As fans await her new tracks, they cannot contain their excitement.

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