What Happened to Renault F1? Everything You Need to Know!


Even though the 2021 Formula One season has officially begun, the Renault F1 team is yet to appear in the paddock. Not only has Renault been one of the most successful engine suppliers, but the Renault Formula One team has also won two Constructor’s Championships, and Fernando Alonso has won two Driver’s Championships during his stint with the team (2005, 2006). But what exactly happened to the Renault Formula One team during this season, and for which team is Fernando Alonso currently driving?What Happened to Renault F1?

What Exactly Happened to the Renault F1 Team?

The Renault Formula One team will continue to compete in Formula One, but in the future, they will do so under the moniker Alpine. And despite rumours to the contrary, Fernando Alonso will continue to be one of their drivers with Esteban Ocon. Alonso announced his retirement from the sport in 2018, citing a lack of on-track racing and the predictability of results as his reasons for leaving the industry.

Luca De Meo, the CEO of Renault, recently revamped the firm so that it would place a stronger emphasis on its principal brands, which are Renault, Dacia, Alpine, and New Mobility. As a result of this move, the head of Renault F1 has been tasked with assisting in the elevation of the Alpine brand, which at the moment is responsible for the production of the A110 sportscar.

Even though the Alpine brand has never competed as a manufacturer in Formula One before, it is nonetheless well-known in the motorsport industry as a whole, particularly in relation to the 24 Hours of Le Mans. As a result of this modification, their upcoming chassis will be referred to as Alpines rather than Renaults, despite the fact that the vehicles will continue to use hybrid engines manufactured by Renault.

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Cyril Abiteboul’s Unexpected Resignation as Team Principal of Renault F1 Was Revealed Today.

Renault F1 had announced the shocking departure of team principal Cyril Abiteboul ahead to the beginning of the F1 2021 season. This announcement came as a result of a shake-up that was initiated by new CEO Luca De Meo. Since 2017, Abiteboul was the sole person in command of the Formula One team. Since then, Laurent Rossi, the Director of Strategy and Business Development for Groupe Renault, has taken over those responsibilities.

De Meo expressed gratitude to Abiteboul for his contributions to the success of the Renault team and expressed optimism over the next Formula One 2021 season. “I would like to take this opportunity to extend my sincere gratitude to Cyril for his relentless involvement, which was a significant factor in the rise of the Renault F1 Team from its position as the second-to-last in 2016 to the podium in the previous season.

His tremendous work in Formula One since 2007, which has allowed us to look to the future, with a powerful team and the new identity of the Alpine F1 Team in order to win podiums this season, is what allows us to look forward “said De Meo. Alpine has expressed confidence that it can finish on the podium in the upcoming Formula One season (2021), which bodes well for the team’s chances of winning the championship. The Star Sports Network in India broadcasts all of the Formula One live races, and the Formula One 2021 event schedule is available on the organization’s official website.

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