What Happened to Natalie on the Challenge? Updated Info!


It was Natalie Anderson’s first step into the realm of MTV competition reality shows when she was cast on The Challenge: Double Agents, but not her first rigorous competition overall. Before being a rookie on The Challenge, she appeared many times on Survivor and The Amazing Race.

She was eager to prove herself to MTV fans in a fresh way, but she was sent home early, leading many to wonder why Natalie went early and whether she will return.

It is not rare for contestants to have to quit the game early for personal, health, or injury-related reasons. It’s not ideal, but it almost always throws a kink into the game when it occurs. So when Challenge host TJ Lavin announced that Natalie had been eliminated, it was hardly a first, but viewers and her fellow contestants were surprised.

What Prompted Natalie Anderson’s Departure From “the Challenge”?

On the January 13, 2021 edition of The Challenge, TJ informed the rest of the cast that Natalie was “no longer cleared to compete” and would be sent home immediately. It sparked a flurry of questions throughout the show and among the audience. Natalie had not been depicted as being injured in a competition, and she had appeared to be performing well up until that moment. What happened then?

Natalie said to Us Weekly that she found she was pregnant, prompting producers to demand that she return home immediately. Natalie had been on a video conference with her twin sister at the time, and because her sister was attempting to conceive, she joked that since her period was late, she too might soon become pregnant.

“I was just joking,” she told Us Weekly, “but that prompted producers to have me take a pregnancy test.” Natalie hurried home to be with her boyfriend, Devin Perez, upon learning that the test was positive. Natalie experienced a miscarriage shortly after learning from her doctor that she was eight weeks pregnant.

“I did whatever I needed to do to make peace with what had occurred, accept the difficulty of the situation, and use it to deepen my relationship with my lover,” she said. “I believe that was a make-or-break moment for us because it was filled with so much emotion, and I’m just so pleased that we made it through. I dreaded the screening of the show because it would remind me of everything I had endured.”

The Boyfriend of Natalie is Not From “the Amazing Race” or “Survivor.”

Natalie and her boyfriend, Devin Perez, have been together for almost a year, although she did not meet him on The Amazing Race or Survivor. In truth, he is not from reality television, which may facilitate their relationship. Devin is in real estate. He played college football and is as athletic as Natalie. And, according to Instagram, it appears like their common loss has brought them closer together.


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Will Natalie Participate in “The Challenge: Double Agents” Again?

Due to Natalie’s early exit from The Challenge, there was minimal likelihood of her rejoining the competition. Then, following the miscarriage, it was unlikely that producers would invite her back, even if she were medically able.

But never rule out the possibility of Natalie returning to the show. She has already demonstrated her worthiness as an opponent on Double Agents. It is highly likely that she will return for a subsequent season.

The Challenge airs on MTV every Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET.

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