What Happened to Lance Waldroup? How Old Was Lance When He Died?


Lance Waldroup, the protagonist of Moonshiners, died at the age of 30 in February 2021. Waldroup co-starred alongside his father Jeff in six seasons of Moonshiners, where he learned the art of making moonshine, absinthe, and scotch. Refer to the article to learn more about What Happened to Lance on Moonshiners.


Moonshiners on the Discovery channel is a “docuseries that narrates and describes the experiences of many people who will be brewing their own moonshine in the dark in woods near their houses, and the crew that tries to keep them honest.” Continue reading to learn about Lance from Moonshiners.

What Became Of Lance From Moonshiners?

Throughout Season 8 of Moonshiners, one cast-related mystery lingered: Where were Lance and Jeff Waldroup? Lance Waldroup died in North Carolina on February 25, 2021. The age of the smuggler was only thirty. Lance and Jeff’s combined Facebook page, which appears to be managed by his inner circle, confirmed the news. Jeff stated in his statement, “We regret to inform all of our family, friends, and admirers of the following news.” “My wife [Lynn Cape Waldroup] and I regret to notify you of our son Moonshiner Lance’s passing,”


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Lance From Moonshiners: Did He Die?

Jeff and Lance Waldroup used to produce bootleg liquor on Moonshiners. The father-son team, who starred on the show for six seasons, was adored by fans. In Season 8, they were completely absent, perplexing fans of the show. According to the official Facebook page for Moonshiners, Lance passed away on February 25, 2021. Moonshiners noted in a message, “We are deeply grieved to learn about Lance Waldroup’s passing.” Lance, an intrepid distiller who appeared alongside his father in the first few seasons of Moonshiners, was constantly seeking to elevate the flavour of his shine formulas. He will be profoundly missed.

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What Was the Cause of Lance Waldroup’s Passing?

According to Lance Colby’s obituary, Waldroup died at his home in Robbinsville, North Carolina, on February 25, 2021. Obesity-related congestive heart failure caused the 30-year-death. old’s The Discovery Channel issued a statement regarding Waldroup’s unexpected death. Lindsey and Lamar Waldroup, Waldroup’s siblings, passed away before to his passing. According to his GoFundMe page, Waldroup suffered from “survivor’s guilt,” which led to his drug addiction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does the Show Moonshiners Involve?

Moonshiners is a documentary series on the Discovery channel that explores the lives of people who make their own moonshine, often in the woods surrounding their houses, and the authorities who try to keep them honest.

How Did Lance Die in Moonshiners?

Nearly a year later, autopsy reports indicate that congestive heart failure was the cause of death. His death was also attributed to cardiomyopathy, which makes it more difficult for the heart to pump blood, and morbid obesity, according to the autopsy report.

When Did Lance From the Moonshiners Pass Away?

Lance Waldroup passed away on February 25, 2021 in North Carolina.

How Old Was Lance When He Passed Away?

The smuggler was only 30 years old.

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