What Happened to Kenedi on American Idol? Did Kenedi Win the American Idol Platinum Ticket?


As one of the most promising young talents, the reason for her departure from American Idol has intrigued admirers. Kenedi gave up her “platinum ticket” and quit the show one week prior to its airing. However, this does not mean that she has completely abandoned her aspiration of becoming a singer/musician.

Kenedi Anderson on Indian Idol

Anderson has been one of the most skilled and formidable contestants during the 20th season of American Idol. During her tryouts, her performance puzzled the judges.

She even won the “coveted platinum ticket,” which offered her an edge in the competition by allowing her to skip Hollywood Week, the first round of the show. This ticket also let her to choose her own partner in the subsequent round. Here is a video recording of her duet performance:

Kenedi’s typical performance style has continued to impress everyone, and she has also secured one of the top 24 positions on the show.

Kenedi Anderson’s Leave Revealed

On the most recent edition of American Idol, under the guidance of Bebe Rexha, she wowed the audience with her performance of “Human” by Christina Perri.

On the day of this performance, her name was not shown on her American Idol application, therefore the audience was unable to vote for her.

Audience members perceived as an error her departure from the programme, which caused her name to disappear from the app.

Ryan Seacrest, the show’s host, informed the audience that Kenedi has withdrew from the competition due to personal issues, and we wish her the best. This made fans sad, and many aired their displeasure on Twitterkendi.

Why Did Kenedi Quit?

Kenedi Anderson addressed her reasons for withdrawing from the competition, despite the high reviews her performances garnered from the judges.

The 18-year-old Virginia native revealed on Instagram that she is unable to continue with the show due to “personal circumstances” and that this was “one of the most difficult decisions I’ve ever had to make, but I know it’s important.”


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Kenedi praised the judges, Katy Perry, Luke Byron, and Lionel Richie, for providing her with “such an incredible opportunity to share my voice.”

Byron informed Anderson during her audition, “You may be the biggest star we’ve ever seen, and I genuinely feel that your musical journey for the rest of your life began right now.” The YouTube audition has received over 4,9 million views to date.

Anderson’s three performances, including Christina Perri’s Human, Lady Gaga’s Applause, and Bruno Mars’ Talking to the Moon, have captured the hearts of many fans and impressed the judges.

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Not the First to Depart

The vocalist is not the first contestant to leave before the halfway mark. In the fourth season, Mario Vasquez stated that the show was “not for him.” According to a lawsuit, he was then ordered to quit the show for sexually harassing the production accountant.

Wyatt pike also withdrew from the show in 2021 for unspecified “personal reasons.”

Although Anderson’s reasons are unknown, the singer released a new song on TikTok, indicating that she intends to continue her career as a vocalist.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Happened to American Idol’s Kenedi?

Kenedi Anderson decided to withdraw from American Idol.

Why Did Kenedi Anderson Stop Appearing on American Idol?

She disclosed that she was leaving “American Idol” due to personal concerns.

What Did Kenedi Anderson Say About Her Departure From American Idol?

Kenedi disclosed that it was a difficult but necessary choice and thanked the producers, judges, contestants, and supporters for their support. She expressed gratitude for the incredible opportunity to share her voice, pursue her aspirations, experience so much joy and happiness doing what she loved, and make friends for life along the way.

Describe American Idol.

American Idol is a well-known American singing competition television programme.

Did Kenedi Win the American Idol Platinum Ticket?

Yes. The judges awarded her one of just three Platinum Tickets available for this season’s auditions.

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