What Happened to Azula? Everything You Need to Know!


Are you a fan of team Avatar and interested about what happened to Azula after Avatar? Then you are in the proper location. Azula, princess of the Fire Nation, was destined to rule. The individual embodies every characteristic of royalty.

However, as expected, every queen has emotional problems, but she finds a way to overcome them. Our queen Azula also has problems, or she has motherhood issues.

As her father raises and instructs her, Azula believes that her mother does not love her enough, which drives her insane. However, she always has Avatar to rely on. However, let’s see what Azula does after Avatar.In the series, it is revealed that Azula has multiple mental problems. As a result, she is a sadist, manipulative, and power-obsessed.

In an era of chauvinism, she went out with her friends to find Aang and her brother, who had been exiled. Azula is one of the most incredible characters ever created; her friends were the support that kept her standing.Fans must never allow her character to perish. Even after losing everything, she rose like a Phoenix from the ashes. When Avatar Aang became fearful of his new responsibilities, he fled.

She was the one who pursued him and handled his “supposed new obligations” while he was away. She is the leader of the Avatar squad. Azula and her companions have made things feasible that no one could have imagined. Girls are obsessed with Cinderella and Snow White, however Azula is the genuine article.

What Happened to Azula Following the End of Avatar?

Given her mother’s preference for Zuko over her, Azula had severe mental instability. Azula, who was raised by her father in the absence of a mother figure, had to be exceptional in her father’s eyes in order to earn his love and attention.

What Happened to Azula?

After the betrayal of her two closest friends, Mai and Ty Lee, these vulnerabilities were apparent. As soon as Sozin’s Comet returned, Azula was anointed the princess of Fire Lord.

However, following her loss at the hands of her brother Katara and Zuko, she experienced a total mental breakdown, as she was already nervous around Zuko due to her mother-related difficulties. She then felt a sharp pain in her back.

Due to this, she suffered greatly. She did not feel deserving. She felt as though she had disappointed her father. Azula was unable to confront anyone.And finally, these critical factors led to her psychological breakdown. Azula was then placed in a mental health section to rehabilitate.

Nonetheless, she finally accompanied Team Avatar on their expedition of Ursa in order to inform them and take the kingdom from Zuko. At the conclusion of this adventure, though, Azula escaped the team’s grasp.Azula secretly returned to the capital of the Fire Nation after her exile. Azula, having finally accepted that she will never be Fire Lord, formed Zuko in order to reign through him.

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What Happened After Azula Lost a Second Time?

She gathered a gang of female followers and assumed the persona of the legendary Kemurikage in order to intimidate Ukano into threatening Zuko. Azula and her sympathisers then resorted to abduct children in the capital, igniting civil unrest in the metropolis. The youngsters were protected by Zuko and his allies, while Azula and her minions escaped.

When Azula was vanquished for the first time, she suffered a mental collapse, but this time she acted like a queen and instantly recovered. After Avatar, it was predicted that Azula would be heartbroken. Which she was for a time, then she returned to being the queen she was destined to be.

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