What Exactly Happened to Deion Sanders’ Left Foot? He is Hospitalized for 23 Days


Two of the legendary NFL player Deion Sanders’ toes were recently amputated, marking the most traumatic event of his life. After undergoing a difficult foot operation, the former NFL star received the worst possible news from his doctors. Tuesday, Sanders uploaded an emotional Instagram video depicting the exact moment of the decision.

This is a preview of the next episode of Barstool Sports and SMAC Productions’ documentary, “Coach Prime,” which is currently in production. Sanders was finally able to inform the world that his left foot’s great toe and second toe required surgical removal weeks ago. During his outstanding season as a college football coach, Sanders endured this difficult time.

Sanders Wrote the Following in His Post:

“I told you we would show everything in this documentary, and here it is. I must warn you: This is not an attractive sight! I may have lost a few men in battle, but I never lost my faith in God. I endured a lot in the hospital during our historic season, but I am so grateful that God was there to help me get through it.


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During this difficult time, I am so grateful to those who sent me messages of faith and those who came to visit me. This Coach Prime episode is an emotional one, and you all deserve to know what transpired, so that’s exactly what we’re going to show you! I love you all and am thrilled to be returning. Episode 5 will air tonight at 7 PM CT on YouTube barstools.”

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What Actually Happened With Sanders’ Left Foot?

As is common knowledge, Deion Sanders was one of the most talented athletes in sports history, concurrently playing in the NFL and MLB.

Sanders is the only athlete in sports history to have played in both the World Series and the Super Bowl. Sanders’ left foot has been undergoing an injury process from which he never fully recovered as a result of all the efforts he exerted on his body in the past.


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In the months following his initial surgery in the autumn of 2021, he was always reliant on a wheelchair or a scooter for mobility. Sanders required a total of eight surgeries, the last of which involved the amputation of two of his toes.

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