What Does the Arm Thing on Tiktok Mean? Let’s Go Over Every Detail About It’s a New Trend!


Every day, there is a new TikTok trend. But this time it’s a little hard to understand. In this latest one, the TikTokers are pointing to their arm with their index and middle fingers. That’s the end of it.

There are already a lot of theories out there, and some of them are a little strange. People have said that drugs, basketball, and French references are part of this trend, but none of those things are true.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand, you’re not the only one. Trends come and go so quickly that it can be hard to keep up. But we can help with that. The best way to understand this trend might be to take it at face value.

What is the Arm Thing on Tiktok?

People do this arm thing on TikTok by putting two fingers on one of their arms. As the person holds out their arm toward the camera, it looks like they are taking their pulse. People look straight into the camera while “Hayloft” by Mother Mother plays in the background. Most of the time, no one speaks or lip-syncs in these videos, but there is text on the screen.

What Does the Arm Thing on Tiktok Mean

People have been using this trend to talk about a lot of different things, but it’s mostly used when TikTokers are talking about themselves or their lives. They usually have two clips, and the second clip is where you put your fingers on your arm.

Someone’s mom is shown in one TikTok video. The text says that 25 years ago, she turned down a famous football player. The caption says that the girl’s mother won’t tell her the name of the football player. The video then cuts to a young woman, the daughter of the mom in the first clip, with her fingers on her arm. The text says that she will always wonder who could have been her famous dad.

What Does the Arm Thing on Tiktok Mean?

The whole point of the arm thing on TikTok is to show off. If you watch a lot of these clips, you’ll notice that the second half usually has a big reveal. It’s all about being honest and open with your followers and sharing something about yourself that might make your heart beat faster (which might be why your fingers are on your arm).

No one has really said what the fingers on the arm thing means, but a lot of people think it has to do with someone showing their true nature. This pose is part of the Built Different trend, in which people talk about how they are “built differently” from other people and, in some ways, better than other people.

What Does the Arm Thing on Tiktok Mean

But the arm thing isn’t like that anymore. People also use it to make fun of themselves or the things they have to deal with every day. In one TikTok, a user says, “I walk around all day with a god complex,” and when the video cuts to them pointing to their arm, the text says, “My inferiority complex.” In another TikTok, a user says that she finally has time for a TikTok trend, but then she shows that she’s doing this arm trend.

Most people seem to use the trend to show something about their “true nature.” This could be why they point to a place on their bodies where veins and blood are usually found. It could also have something to do with a fact that makes your heart race. It’s not clear what it means, but it’s getting more and more popular.

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