What Does P Mean on Tiktok? Let’s Find Out The Social Media Secret Code Isn’t Clearly Defined!


You may have seen the abbreviation “/P” used on social media, but it’s not clear what it means. What you need to know is listed below.

Gen Z has come up with a new way to talk about tone in a short amount of time. “Tone tags” or “tone indicators” are the names for these. We’ve all had jokes, emails, or messages fall flat because so much is lost in text. This is one way that Gen Z is trying to get around the problem so that everyone can enjoy being online.

What Does P Mean on Twitter?

“Platonic” is what /P means as a tone indicator. It’s just a way to make it clear that you’re not flirting or being sexual when you text. It is added to the end of a message after the usual punctuation.

If you’re worried about coming off in a certain way, a tone indicator can help the person reading your message understand what you meant.

A Twitter user named @ENDERROSE made a list of a few of them, such as /Li, which means “literally,” and /Gen, which means “genuine question.”

People who are neurodiverse and aren’t always sure what other people mean can also benefit from tone indicators.

What Does P Mean on Tiktok

The New York Times says, “Some neurodiverse people say they have trouble figuring out subtle cues for sarcasm or flirting, in particular, and are big fans of tone indicators.”

If tone indicators are more interesting to you, there is a site with a master list and more information about them.

What Does Pushing P Mean on Tiktok?

In January 2021, Gunna and Future’s new song “Pushin’ P” helped make Pushing P popular on TikTok. P is short for “keep it real,” which means something positive. P means that something is good. If it’s not P, something is bad.

Complex says that Gunna explained the term on Instagram live, saying, “F*cking your partner’s main bitch ain’t P. Holding the door for a woman is P. Money fights with your partner aren’t P. We’re not going to do that. We’re going for P.”

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