What Does OFC Mean on Tiktok? Let’s Talk About the New Trend OFC Mean on Tiktok!


OFC is a common abbreviation that people use in text messages and on social media. Most of the time, OFC means either “of course” or “original female character.”

Today, we will explain what OFC stands for and how to use it.

What Does OFC Stand For?

How to answer this question depends on the situation. It’s not like the FBI, which just stands for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Instead, OFC means something very different depending on how it is used.

OFC means “of course” in texting and internet slang. Of course, of f* * *ing course, the F can stand for a very offensive insult.

OFC stands for “original female character” when it is written. If you come across this initialism in the real world, you are probably looking for one of these two meanings.

What Does OFC Mean on Tiktok

There are other ways to say “conference,” like “Oceania Football Confederation” or “Oxford Farming Conference.” But it’s less likely that these are the ones you want.

If you’re not sure, look at the situation. If you text a friend and ask if they want to play board games tonight and they respond with “OFC,” they mean “of course.”

If your writer friend asks for feedback on their “OFC” (original female character), they probably mean “original female character.”

What Does OFC Mean?

Let’s look more closely at each common OFC definition. First is the definition of “original female character” (OFC).

In fanfiction, an original female character is one that wasn’t in the source material but was made by a fanfiction author.

For example, if I made Harry Potter’s long-lost grandmother, whom I’ll call Midge Potter, she would be an original female character.

Even though OFC started in fanfiction, it doesn’t have to stay there.

Sarah Connor is a unique female character in the movie The Terminator. Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby and Catelyn Stark from A Song of Ice and Fire are two examples.

What Does OFC Mean on Tiktok

Any character who is made from scratch and sees herself as a woman can be called an OFC.

OFC means “of course” or “of f* * *ing course” more often than “original female character.”

Whether or not it is used with a swear word depends on the tone of the conversation and the relationship between the people talking.

When the tone is strong and the people messaging are close enough that swearing is okay, the abbreviation is probably referring to the more colorful definition of OFC.

If the conversation is serious but still casual, or if the people messaging don’t usually use swear words, it’s a safe bet that it just means “of course.”

Does “OFC” Mean Something Different in Texts, Snapchat, and Tiktok?

OFC is often used in text messages and on social media. No matter where you see it, it means the same thing.

Listen to the tone and context to figure out which OFC definition is being used.

For example, if you are watching TikToks about a fandom or fanfiction, OFC probably means an original female character.

If not, the word will mean “of course” or a swear word.

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