What Does Mid Mean on Tiktok? Let’s Talk About “New Term Explained”!


If you’ve been asking, “What does “mid” mean on TikTok?” recently, we’re willing to bet that you were sick of the question once you found out the answer.

TikTok beauty hacks, TikTok recipes, and crazy challenges are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what you can learn from the video-sharing platform.

It’s not surprising that the app has its own language, and it’s also not surprising that most of the words are blunt and unnecessary, like “mid.”

What Does Mid Mean on Tiktok?

This is just a common way to say that something is not very good. Urban Dictionary says that the word is used to insult or put down an opposing view by calling it average or bad.

Many people use TikTok to show off a skill, a hack, or something else they’re proud of, so hearing that a video is “mid” is obviously not a good thing. Even worse is that people are making fun of each other’s looks when they use this insulting new term in the comments section.

What Does Mid Mean on Tiktok

This kind of childish behavior is nothing new, so it’s best to just ignore it. The trolls on TikTok can’t wait to make fun of that new hair trick you’ve been trying. You can’t let the negative people win.

Where Did the Word “Mid” Get Its Start?

There are some slang words that make no sense at all, but others, like “mid,” are pretty easy to understand.

Mid is just a short form of the word “average.” It doesn’t mean that something is bad or especially good, like The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Blind Side, or any of Taylor Swift’s or Drake’s albums.

Or this TikTok video below, which is getting a lot of attention from fans.

“Mid” on Tiktok Usually Means That Something is Getting Praise It Doesn’t Deserve.

Even though a lot of people want their work to be praised online, you can be sure that there will be a lot of people ready to say how they really feel about things.

When someone wants to post an edited video, remixed song, or drawing online, they’ll call it a “mid” to avoid getting criticized for putting their best foot forward. Instead of, say, aiming for the stars and putting everything they have into what they make.

What Does Mid Mean on Tiktok

People who hide behind the word “mid” to avoid criticism from people who are quick to point out any flaws in their content sell themselves on the idea that they could do it if they just tried.

“Mids” Can Also Refer to a Certain Type of Weed.

Urban Dictionary says that accusing someone of smoking mids can be a strong insult: “The worst insult you can give to someone who can’t get dank and buys a small amount of mids to roll and smoke. This is a serious insult, unless the person really does smoke mids blunts all day, every day.”

But if someone is in their midlife, it’s hard to criticize them for that.

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