What Does /J Mean on Tiktok? Let’s Look at What /HJ and /J Actually Mean!


Using a new social media platform is one of the few things that will make you feel old. Even though TikTok has been around long enough for people to build pretty successful online careers, and even though people of all ages and cultures use it, the “face” of TikTok is undeniably young.

This helps to create a culture online that is unique to the app, with new words and phrases like “/HJ.” What does it mean, though?

What Do /HJ and /J Mean on Tiktok?

It’s just short for “half-joking” and “joking.” Yes, “jk” has been replaced by “/J,” which is a huge step forward for the future of online communication.

Even though I’m being sarcastic, there seems to be a reason for the “/HJ” nomenclature and the idea of making web shorthand more uniform.

For example, if you want to show sarcasm in text, which can be hard to figure out because of tone, you could add “/S” to the end of your comment to show that it’s a joke. It looks like this way of communicating online has made its way to TikTok, where a lot of people use the “/(insert your letter here)” format.

There is no such thing as a joke, as Sigmund Freud said. What you’re saying is true. That’s probably a good time to add “/HJ” to show that you’re making a joke about something so as not to offend anyone, but good luck with that.

There are a lot of other short comments you can use online that follow the same pattern.

In Addition to /J and /HJ, There Are Other Phrases on Tiktok That May or May Not Be Clear at First.

Here are some common phrases that TikTok users use, whether they’re commenting on videos of people dancing wildly to popular songs while wearing Champion tie-dye sweat suits or posting videos of themselves dancing wildly while wearing Champion tie-dye sweat suits.

  • /J – Joking
  • /HJ – Half Joking
  • /P – Platonic
  • /LH – Light Hearted
  • /SRS – Serious
  • /S – Sarcastic
  • /NEG – Negative outlook
  • /POS – Positive outlook
  • /GEN – Genuinely asking
  • /G – Genuine
  • /T – Truth (usually an inconvenient one)

“/T” is especially interesting because of how it is thought to have started. The “:T” emoji was once used to show a “wry smile” because it looks like a half-smile.

Writing for Wayword Radio, “”No Tea, No Shade,” which means “No disrespect, but…” in slang, is often used in the drag community, where T means “truth.”

All Tea, All Shade is a similar saying that means, “This statement is true, so I don’t care if it offends you or not.” Since at least the 1920s, the slang word “to shade” has meant “to beat.””

So if you didn’t know, now you do! And you’ll be able to figure out the hidden meanings behind every TikTok comment you see.

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