What Does FYP Mean on Tiktok? Why is It So Important to Be on the FYP?


Due to the fact that it displays content from anybody and not just those you follow, the FYP has become a sought location for artists seeking more exposure. However, getting there and the distribution of content on the FYP are a bit more challenging.

What does FYP indicate?

FYP stands for For You Page, which is the default landing page for app users. After downloading TikTok and scrolling through the FYP, the app begins to recommend content based on what you’ve interacted with previously, displaying comparable content or further videos within a popular challenge or trend.

The “for you” portion is fairly accurate. Perhaps a touch too accurate? I tracked recurring themes or trends that appeared on my For You page over the course of a week in May and discovered that roughly half of the videos contained trends I’d recently written about (or searched for), while the other half contained random content that matched my tastes (animals stealing food, the “Oh my god he’s on X Games mode” meme, the Hip Hop Harry song) with a dash of “Maybe… this too?” (I’m not interested in watching folks cram burritos into their mouths, TikTok.) I’ve never searched for Call of Duty content on TikTok, but my boyfriend (like many boyfriends today) has begun playing the game more frequently in recent months, and we joke about it. And now, videos of Call of Duty appear on my FYP. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.

What Does FYP Mean on Tiktok?

How Can One Enrol in the FYP?

By design, the algorithm that serves the FYP website is a mystery. It does not necessarily provide popular or trendy content, like Instagram and YouTube do. Videos on the FYP can have hundreds of thousands of likes or less than ten, and while many TikToks contain #fyp, it is unclear whether this automatically qualifies them for the FYP.

Nonetheless, there is an abundance of guides on when to post and how to “hack” the FYP. How to get on the FYP has also become a source of content for creators, who have developed TikToks exploring various hypotheses or parodying the page.

In 2019, Vice reported on the “batch” theory: giving a small group of viewers the same information to gauge their reaction, then exposing the same content to a bigger batch if it’s well-received. TikTok also tracks the length of time you see a video, as well as if you revisit or comment. Utilizing a popular (and extensively utilised) audio sample is also beneficial.

Although the FYP displays a vast variety of content, not everyone is included: TikTok has been accused of censoring the content of Black, transgender, disabled, and unattractive producers. It also permitted misinformation and conspiracy theories to enter the FYP, despite the company’s efforts to counteract misinformation about COVID-19. Recently, as a result of nationwide protests, the FYP has seen a rise in content pertaining to Black Lives Matter and police brutality.

What Does FYP Mean on Tiktok?

According to BuzzFeed, though, TikTok’s algorithm may feed into a “filter bubble” that shows users only the stuff it believes they desire in an effort to keep them browsing.

TikTok has attempted to be more open about how and why content appears on the FYP: In a June blog post, the business outlined the factors that influence what visitors see, including captions, hashtags, user interactions, geography, and video viewing duration.

TikTok also addressed the “filter bubble” issue, stating, “Occasionally, you may encounter a video in your feed that does not appear to be relevant to your indicated interests or has accumulated a large amount of likes.” This is a “intentional component” of this bubble’s bursting.

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Why Do Individuals Comment “FYP”?

If you see FYP or #FYP in the comments section of a TikTok, it may indicate that the commentator is attempting to assist the creator by gaining more views. Or, preferably, include it in the FYP.

Since creators do not receive a notification that their content has been added to the FYP, commenting using FYP informs them that it has, or that it is where the commenter saw it.

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Why is Inclusion on the FYP So Crucial?

TikTok has achieved 2 billion downloads and will be the most downloaded app of 2020, surpassing Facebook. It is difficult to cut through the noise, given its enormous user base. The FYP can serve as a reference to what kind of content are popular and what newer readers should seek out.

Being a “star” on TikTok is now an actual (and lucrative) profession, hence the number of followers is frequently incorporated into the FYP. However, getting on the FYP can also increase a user’s level of fame: Brittany Tomlinson, sometimes known as “kombucha girl,” produced a simple TikTok video of her sampling kombucha in the summer of 2019, and within a few months she had corporate endorsements and a manager. Viral TikToks on Twitter can also propel creators to the FYP.

The FYP is also crucial for the development of TikTok communities and subcultures. Which “side” of TikTok you are on indicates the type of material you interact with and wish to view.

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