What Does Being Verified on TikTok Mean: Why Get Verified on TikTok?


Finding out how to become verified on TikTok is worthwhile even if you aren’t aspiring to be the next Charli D’Amelio. After all, there are roughly 1 billion monthly active users on the social media platform. There is a sizable audience there that may be utilised. Accounts on TikTok that have been verified gain more exposure and a certain degree of cred. A verification badge essentially serves as the TikTok owners’ seal of approval. Read on to find out how to acquire a blue check mark on TikTok. Here are some details on what TikTok verification is, why it’s important, and how to make sure your application is accepted.

What does Getting verified on TikTok mean?

A blue tick on TikTok indicates that an account’s identity has been verified, just like on other social media networks. Verification is typically only given to influencers, brands, or celebrities. Copycats are most likely to target these accounts.

But you don’t have to be incredibly famous to become certified on TikTok. In reality, there are various kinds of enterprises (like Spikeball!) that are TikTok-verified.

To get the most crucial information on how to become verified on TikTok, continue reading or watch the video below:

Why Get Verified on TikTok?

In conclusion, obtaining TikTok verification can assist build and strengthen your brand. A TikTok verified badge can boost your career no matter what your profession—musician, actor, writer, or even business owner—to unprecedented heights.

Here is a more thorough explanation of the benefits of being confirmed.


You know how on the day of the trade deadline, there are usually accounts on social media posing as NBA insiders? If you have a verification badge, TikTok has verified your identity. Your user name’s blue checkmark next to it gives trust and lets visitors know you’re the real deal,

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Unverified rumours claim that TikTok’s algorithm rewards proven accounts. Verified accounts are therefore more likely to appear on your FYP. More visibility translates into more likes, which can result in more followers.


Verified accounts frequently communicate with one another. Being verified means that your favourite influencers or celebrities may really reply to your comments and direct messages (DMs) on the app. Even your inquiries for commercial alliances can receive a response from them.

What Does Being Verified on TikTok Mean

5 tips to get verified on TikTok

The simple part is applying for TikTok verification. ensuring the approval of your application? That’s a little more difficult.

However, the following advice and strategies will increase your chances of being confirmed by TikTok personnel, who award users with the coveted blue check.

1. Find your niche and keep producing

It takes frequent posting of engaging and genuine material to build any brand on social media. Because of this, it’s critical to get started creating catchy, compelling content and keep your foot on the gas. There’s always a potential that taking part in a trending dance challenge will result in a duet or stitch from a different TikTok verified account.

2. Get featured in the media

A feature in a magazine, newspaper, or on television or the radio is undoubtedly beneficial. Collaborating with other well-known artists on podcasts, YouTube videos, and online articles is a fantastic way to get your message out there. These locations are also looking for content. Simply give them a cause to want to highlight you.

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3. Become verified on another social media platform

You can also apply for verification on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, among other social media platforms. And after receiving approval on one platform, your chances of receiving verification on another increase significantly.

Each of those platforms has a unique set of requirements that users must fulfil in order to be verified:

  • Facebook enjoys verifying accounts that serve as credible, authorised representatives of a brand.
  • Twitter authenticates well-known, active accounts that fit into one of six categories. You can be required to offer evidence of legitimacy or notoriety in some circumstances.
  • Instagram is a challenging target to hit. In essence, it will only confirm accounts with a high likelihood of being impersonated.

Your likelihood of becoming verified on TikTok increases if you become confirmed on other social networks. If you have a blue checkmark on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, the TikTok crew will know that you are a real internet celebrity. Additionally, you can link those accounts to your TikTok profile. You might even be able to get verified on TikTok without having any followers if you have verification on a few other platforms!

So start the verification procedures!

What Does Being Verified on TikTok Mean

4. Go viral

If your video doesn’t catch viewers’ attention within the first few seconds, they’ll just scroll past it. An 8 to 10 second piece has a higher chance of being fully watched than a 1-minute video. With each post, you should strive to build a community. TikTok considers average viewing time when assessing quality.

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5. Obey the law.

Like any other social media network, TikTok will only validate accounts that abide by its terms of service and community rules. TikTok’s moderators will flag your account if you break those guidelines. A flag, unfortunately, is likely to make it more difficult for you to be verified.

One more advice

Don’t focus too much on verification, despite the fact that it seems paradoxical. You’ll succeed if you follow the instructions and achieve the goals listed above in a genuine, natural way. Just remember to enjoy yourself as well.

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