What Does Abow Mean on Tiktok? Here is Where the Word “Abow” Comes From?


We are all aware that a variety of topics surge on social media from time to time. Undeniably, TikTok is one such popular video-sharing social media app that has witnessed some peculiar trends and seen the emergence of several strange words.

If you are an avid TikTok user, you may have encountered the term “Abow” trending on the platform.

Curious as to what “Abow” means? Well, we’re here to explain what it means and why it’s the newest fad on TikTok. Keep reading!

Why is “Abow” on Tiktok So Popular, and What Does It Mean?

As TikTok has its own lexicon, it is difficult to keep up with what the words signify. As a result, the TikTok universe contains a large number of unusual words. One such term is “Abow,” which is currently going viral.

There are a number of slang phrases such as ‘Cheugy,’ ‘heather,”simp,’ and ‘bussin’ that circulate daily on the platform.

What Does the Term “Abow” Mean?

The actual meaning of the slang term “Abow” is “wow” or “damn,” which are informal expressions of immediate astonishment or confusion.

According to Urban Dictionary, the Arabic language is the source of this word. However, it is also commonly used in the northern European nation of Sweden and the American state of Wisconsin.

A straightforward example of this word in a phrase would be, “Hey, did you see the game last night? “It was insanity!”

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Where Does the Word “Abow” Originate?

ShantiiP and TarioP’s song “Toss It Back” has the catchy term “Abow” in its lyrics: “He instructed me to throw it back, abow.” This is how the term “Abow” has become increasingly popular.

If you are also interested in hearing the song, here it is!

Last month, on December 27th, the song was released to the official YouTube channel of TarioP, where it received over 160,000 views in less than two weeks.

In 2020, the word “Abow” appeared in the song “Blow The Whistle” by rapper 810Smoke.

810Smoke, an Atlanta-based rapper, is currently signed to LBM Records, and more than 10,000 TikTok videos use his song track.

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“Abow” Goes Viral on Tiktok

There is no specific TikTok dance for “Abow” songs; nonetheless, several people have submitted lip-syncing videos to the music with the Abow phrase. “Abow” has so gone viral on TikTok.

Twitter reactions to the TikTok craze “Abow” Even users of the social networking website Twitter have begun discussing this new language.

One user tweeted “why is ABOW already trapped in my vocabulary?” while another wrote “That ABOW music has been stuck in my mind for two days.”

In recent years, as a result of the exponential growth of social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, among others, a number of new terms and phrases have entered the global lexicon.

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