What Do Art Students Need to Thrive?

As an artist, you should always take every opportunity your way. That’s how connections are built for a successful career. The difference between successful artists and those that do not thrive well in the market is narrow.

They all do almost the same thing, but one does it better. It’s just a matter of effort, capital, and excellent planning, and everything will work as expected. Here are the reasons why some artists thrive and others don’t.

Working without comparisons

Being an artist is often challenging when you constantly check what others are doing and compare it with what you did. Most of the artists that thrive know their capabilities. They know that there are things that they are better at and others that their competitors are likely to outperform. So, they focus more on what they are better at while keeping little focus on the items out of control. Artists that compare themselves always end up stifling their creativity. It happens mainly to the artists that are new to the industry.

They always look forward to performing like someone who has been in the field for more than ten years. Consequently, they sometimes lose track and face slow career growth because they invest too much energy in things that don’t help. It is their dynamism and passion for creativity that gets them jobs. The recruiters get impressed by such profiles on social networks and immediately send a job invite. Therefore, it is important for artists to present themselves the best way on social media professional networks and for that, they must hire a reputed LinkedIn profile writing service. This will provide a wider reach and showcase the artist as a true professional.

Giving up on making excuses

Complaining in the work environment is part of life. In most cases, it happens when things aren’t just flowing as they are expected to. Artists who thrive in the competition do the work instead of relying on excuses for the falling apart parts.

According to a career and education writer for Resumes Planet, most of the artists make time for the work left instead of waiting to plan for the following day simply because they are too busy or tired. On the other hand, it’s tough to thrive when you are satisfied with postponing things. Artists who find it hard to thrive feel like they are just reasonable when giving excuses instead of working to solve the issue. Giving up on making excuses starts owning the direction you are working towards, which increases the willpower to change the direction.

Practicing more often

Being successful as an artist requires excellent hands-on skills, which can only be achieved through practice. And not a few minutes of practice and thinking that you have done enough. Artists that thrive easily prioritize practicing more often. They know that their career is like a marathon and not a sprint. Hence, they keep working to stay at the top of the game.

A career advisor working for Careers Booster says that the secret behind being a successful artist lies mainly in how often you keep up with the new trends that are cropping up. This implies that you have to keep practicing even when you don’t want to do the work. Practicing often is not all about overworking; it’s more of having a regular schedule that you can follow without hassles. Unfortunately, most of the unsuccessful fail to keep their practice streamlined. As a result, they always miss some critical elements vital for the success of their career. It’s tough to do their best when they aren’t investing their body and mind.

They don’t take comments personal

Getting negative comments in a work environment should never be taken too personally. It can either be treated as an opportunity to review the mistakes that have been highlighted or time to take new action. Artists who thrive know what to listen to exactly and the kind of advice they should take seriously to improve their work. With a positive mindset, it’s often challenging for them to give up on their career, and they are always doing their best. On the other, artists that do not thrive find it hard to deal with negative comments.

Their efforts to deal with the comments are often futile, and most of them end up giving up on their career. Most of them fail to understand that not all pieces of advice created are equal. Taking things too personal makes the career life complicated as the artists spend too much energy reflecting on issues that rarely help.

Taking time on perfection

Perfection is not something you can quickly achieve within a day and celebrate for the rest of your life. Perfectionism can instill a lot of fear in most artists, and it goes hand-in-hand with the fear of failure. Most artists that obsess about being perfect often fail to put anything out there.

Artists that thrive put their work out to the public for sale. Failing to perfect in a particular sector is part of life and should never be taken as a matter of life and death. The reality is that perfection is highly appreciated in art, but too much of it ruins the reputation. Most of the artists who materialize their ideas often give up on their careers due to unrealistic expectations. It’s not all great ideas that will make one a successful artist.

The best part is that the struggle for perfection cuts across all the competitors, and anyone can succeed given the opportunity. Believing that it always has to be perfect has kept a lot of artists spinning their wheels, making it hard for them to thrive in the competitive market.

They don’t rely on praise

Thriving in the art industry requires more than mere praises. Even if you feel that your work is the best and everyone should like it, that’s not going to happen at all. So, what next for the artists if their work gets rejected? Most artists that thrive in the stiff competition do not seek the crowd’s approval. They are aware that they did their best even if the work gets rejected, which keeps them going. It’s easy to be flattered that your art looks nice to friends when the reality is that there are improvements that need to be made. That’s all fake praise, and it can mess up your artist career.

Try to make sense of the praise. Is it too exaggerated? Artists who put a lot of effort into their work just for praise rarely thrive on success. That’s because they have put too much trust in their friends rather than the work that they are doing. They forget that their job is to create something that sells and not for just mere praises.


In a fair competition, some artists will still find it hard to survive through the various challenges they will face. That’s because they are too focused on the result of what they are doing more than the process. To be a successful artist, you must make it your habit to sell lots of arts provided they are high quality. The above points summarize why some artists thrive and why others don’t.

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