What was the Net Worth Vladimir Putin? 


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In 1952, Vladimir  Putin was born in the Russian Soviet Socialist Republic of Leningrad, Soviet Union.

Personal Life

On July 28, 1983, Vladimir Putin tied the knot with Lyudmila Shkrebneva. They resided in East Germany from 1985 to 1990, where their daughter Yekaterina Putina was born.


Putin began his political career with a 16-year term in the KGB, which served as a stepping stone to the presidency. He received his training at the Leningrad-based 401st KGB Academy in Okhta.

Billion Dollar Fortune

Putin’s annual Presidential salary, according to official reports, is $187,000 dollars (5.8 million rubles). In 2012, he earned 3.6 million rubles ($113,000).

Net Worth

Putin, the Russian leader with a fortune estimated at $70 billion, is a billionaire.

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