Too Hot to Handle Season 2

Who Is on the Second Season

Fans finally got their first look at the cast of Too Hot to Handle season 2 on June 15, and here’s a spoiler: they are very hot.

When Was the Second Season Shot?

The show started filming in September 2020, which was a long time before the renewal for two more seasons was announced in January.

Where Will the Second Season Be Set?

The first season took place in a villa in Mexico, but the second and third seasons upped the ante: Due to COVID-19 rules, both seasons were shot back-to-back at the $20 million Turtle Tail Estate

Will the Rules Change for Season Two?

Riggs hinted to Deadline that the details of the competition might change, but the basic idea of the show will stay the same

What Does Season Two Have in Store?

Ahead are spoilers. The first four episodes of Too Hot to Handle, which all came out on June 23, took place in Lana’s cabin for just over a week

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