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This Is Us Season 7

Why Won’t There Be a Seventh Season

Fogelman’s plan from the start of the show in 2016 was for it to end after Season 6. He says that moving on to Season 7 and beyond could hurt the show’s quality and reputation.

Will There Be a Show Based on This One? There are no plans for a spinoff of This Is Us right now. Fogelman has said, though, that he is leaving a small door open for the chance

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What About a Movie Based on This Is US?

It’s hard to imagine seeing This Is Us on a big screen, but is it even possible? The answer to this question is up to Fogelman, just like the answer to whether or not we’ll get a spinoff.

How Do the Actors Feel About

Fans are having a hard time with the end of This Is Us. Just think how the cast and crew of the show feel. Here are some of their ideas.

Since spring 2021, we’ve known that Season 6 of This Is Us would be the last, but we’re still not ready to say goodbye to The Big Three and their families.

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