Philip Baker Hall Net Worth

- His mother was Alice Birdene, whose maiden name was McDonald, and his father was a factory worker from Montgomery, Alabama named William Alexander Hall. He went to school at Toledo University.

Life of Philip Baker Hall  at home

He joined the Los Angeles Theatre Center after his first movie, “Cowards,” came out. His first role on TV was in an episode of the show Good Times

Career of Philip Baker Hall


How much money did Philip Baker Hall have?

At the time of his death, Philip Baker Hall, an American actor, was worth $1.5 million.

On June 13, the news came out that Philip had died. It was found out that the actor had died because of problems caused by emphysema. Anna Ruth Hall, his daughter, told the New York Times that this is true.

What We Know About Philip Baker Hall’s Death


Cause of Philip Baker Hall’s Death

His daughter reported emphysema issues caused his death.

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