Newsweek Netflix Most Watched Shows

10. Bridgerton Even though the second season of Bridgerton started back in March, the show stayed popular enough to make the list in May.

9. Workin’ Moms

Because Workin’ Moms is a CBC production in Canada and not a Netflix original in the US, the Canadian sitcom has been able to keep airing all the way through its sixth season

8. Selling Sunset During the month of April, Netflix started streaming episodes of “The Christine Quinn Show,” or “Selling Sunset”

7. The Boss Baby: Back in the Crib At this point, we are only part of The Boss Baby’s world. The unexpected success of the first movie led to the success of the second movie and the creation of this spin-off series for all of you who like babies who talk corporate babble.

Green Star

6. Welcome to Eden / Bienvenidos an Edén

Netflix likes to put together groups of attractive young people and put them in places like private schools, dystopian societies, or island cults

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