Nelk Boys Net Worth


Nelk would become a household name in both the media and industry. The members of the group Nelk are Kyle Foregeard, Lusa Gararn, and ee beat.

Milk Boys Childhood

On July 6, 2010, Niko, Marko Martinovic, Lucas Gasparini, and Kyle Forgeard created the Nelk Boys YouTube channel.

Milk Boys Profession

After the release of “Coke Prank on Cops” in January 2015, the NELK Boys’ career took a significant turn.

Honors and Accomplishments

According to the company’s data, both YouTube and Instagram have 4.5 million subscribers and 2.9 million followers on their respective channels.

Encounters with Nelk’s Boys

Shortly thereafter, the team was observed once more at a New Jersey house where they had gathered over 1,500 individuals. The renter of the rental residence was NELK.