Most Popular Female Rappers

10. MIA

MIA is the most experimental artist on this list. She first got a lot of attention in 2000 when she showed up as a visual artist and a filmmaker on the Internet

9. Little Simz

Little Simz, an English rapper, is the new big thing. Her song “Venom,” which was on the soundtrack for the movie “Venom,” helped her get a lot of attention

8. Lil Kim

Lil Kim was the fashionista of the group. She was so ahead of her time that she was kicked out of her house as a teenager and had to live on the streets

7. Salt N Pepa

Salt, Cheryl James, Pepa, Sandra Denton, and DJ Spinderella make up the group. When they put out their first song, “Push It,” in 1987, it was a huge commercial and critical success

6. Megan, You Stallion

Megan is known as the “hot girl summer” and has made a name for herself in both the rap and music industries

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