Season 2 of High Rise Invasion Has How Many Episodes?

Season 1 of ‘High-Rise Invasion’ comes to a close with Yuri and his allies achieving success outside of Mamoru Aikawa’s protective bubble. using her newly unlocked administrative abilities as a Closer to God.

– Yuichiro Umehara will play the role of Sniper Mask – Haruka Shiraishi being Yuri Honjō – Akira Sekine being Kuon Shinzaki – Shiki Aoki will act as Mayuko Nise – Junya Enoki being Rika Honjō

This anime has not announced a renewal for a second season of the show at this time. Animes are different from other sorts of films in that they can be renewed for years at a time, based on a variety of conditions.

The dozens of different dubbing and subtitling options for Netflix, season two might be released in late 2022.

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