Bullet Train Movie

"Bullet Train" is on its way with the same ferocity as its name suggests.

Sony confirmed the release date of "Bullet Train" from JULY 29, 2022, to June 14, 2021.

"Bullet Train" has one of the most impressive casts of any film ever made.

"Bullet Train" is based on Kotaro Isaka's novel "Maria Beetle," which is played by Sandra Bullock in the film (per Deadline).

Bullet Train, starring Brad Pitt, is one of the most anticipated films of the year. As part of Sony and Netflix's new first-window partnership, the movie will premiere in theatres this summer, but it will also be available on Netflix in the United States.

Brad Pitt is forced to fight off a gang of masked assassins who are all vying for the same briefcase while riding on the train.