Blonde Movie


The movie is based on a made-up story about the life of Marilyn Monroe.

Production of Blonde Movie

Andrew Dominik was the film’s director and screenwriter. He started working on the project, which was based on Joyce Carol Oates’s novel Blonde (2000), in 2010

Casting of Blonde Movie

In March 2019, it was reported that Chastain’s role in the movie would be taken over by Ana de Armas.

Filming of Blonde Movie

In August 2019, the main filming began in Los Angeles. In April 2022, Dominik confirmed that filming was done

Release of Blonde Movie

Even though the film wasn’t chosen to be shown at the Cannes Film Festival in 2022, Dominik later said he hoped it would be shown at the Venice Film Festival in 2022. [25] In June 2022, it was said that the film could have its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival.


Joyce Carol Oates, who wrote the book that the movie is based on, saw a rough cut of the movie and said in public,

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