What Caused the Cancellation of the American God’s Series?


This action-packed adventure series centers on the conflict between your different personas and the enemies you create for them, including both good and bad versions of yourself.


The body of Mr. Wednesday vanished from the area around the base of Yggdrasil in the closing minutes of what is currently the concluding episode of the series, and it has not been located since then.


– Ricky Whittle plays Shadow Moon/Mike Ainsel – Bruce Langley playing Technical Boy – Emily Browning playing Laura Moon – Ian McShane playing Mr. Wednesday – Yetide Badaki playing Bilquis


Gaiman and showrunner Charles “Chic” Eglee was working on plans for the fourth season of the program, but those plans came to a grinding halt as the show was canceled owing to low ratings.


A spokeswoman for the company made the announcement that the show would be canceled. The series was not performing very well at the time.

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