‘Wanted to Work’: Bruce Willis’ Attorney Said the Actor ‘Is Able to Do So’ After Being Diagnosed With Aphasia.

Following the completion of filming for Midnight in the Switchgrass, Bruce Willis went on to star in five other films produced by Randall Emmett before announcing his retirement from acting and receiving a diagnosis of aphasia.

The attorney for Bruce Willis is discussing the reasons for the actor’s decision to continue working after he was diagnosed with aphasia.

“My client continued working after his medical diagnosis because he wanted to work and was able to do so, just like many others diagnosed with aphasia who are capable of continuing to work,” Willis’ attorney Martin Singer said in a statement to the Los Angeles Times in response to allegations that Willis’ frequent collaborator and the director of Midnight in the Switchgrass pushed the actor to work despite his health issues. The statement was made in response to claims that Randall Emmett pushed the actor to work despite

Bruce Willis

“These movies were able to find investors thanks to Mr. Willis’s participation in them. Because of this, literally, thousands of people were able to find employment, many of whom did so during the COVID-19 Pandemic “he noted.

Willis, who is 67 years old, starred alongside Megan Fox in the film Midnight in the Switchgrass. In the film, he played an FBI agent who was in a race against time to save his partner (Fox) from a serial killer. They came into contact with the killer while looking into a sex trafficking ring in Florida.

Willis went on to finish working on five more movies with Emmett before declaring earlier this year that he would be retiring from acting. They have previously collaborated on more than 25 other titles under the umbrella of Emmett’s production company, Emmett/Furla Oasis.

After the Pulp Fiction star was diagnosed with aphasia, a language disorder that is “impacting his cognitive abilities,” in March, the actor’s family made the announcement that he would be “stepping away” from his decades-long acting career. “Stepping away” from his career was described as “retiring.”

They proceeded by saying, “We want you to know how much we appreciate your continuous love, compassion, and support during this very difficult time for our family.” “We are getting through this as a solid family unit, and we wanted his fans to be a part of it because we know how much he means to you, just as much as he knows how much you matter to him. “Live it up,” as Bruce is so fond of saying, and the two of us intend to take his advice to heart.”

Following the announcement of the diagnosis, a source close to Willis told People that “everyone is cheering for him.” They stated, “Bruce is adored, and everyone in Hollywood is very supportive of him and will gather around him.” “Bruce is a beloved figure, and everyone in Hollywood will rally around him.”

Bruce Willis

“He’s one of the people everyone loves in Hollywood—one of the most beloved movie stars,” the insider continued. “He’s one of the guys everyone loves in Hollywood.” “His family is pulling together in support of him.”

According to the report in the Los Angeles Times, Emmett is accused of inappropriate behaviour by a number of different women, one of which is allegedly providing acting gigs in exchange for sexual favours. Former employees who spoke with the publication made the accusation that the producer forced assistance to engage in illicit behaviour on his behalf. This accusation is also levelled against the producer. According to statements made by his spokeswoman, Sallie Hofmeister, to the Times, he refuted these charges.

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