Vis a Vis Season 6: What Najwa Nimri Says About This Season ?

vis a vis season 6

“Locked Up” is also called “Vis A Vis.” This Spanish thriller show was made by Globomedia. There are 40 episodes in the show’s 5 seasons. On April 20, 2015, Antena 3 showed Locked Up. In 2018, the channel’s name changed to Fox Spain.

The fifth season, which started in 2020 and was called “Vis a vis: El oasis,” started to air. Because the show was so popular, Netflix bought the rights to it. Locked Up is getting ready for its sixth season on Netflix.

Is Vis a Vis’s Sixth Season Coming Back or Not?

The Spanish TV network Antena 3 made a crime-drama show called Locked Up. On April 20, 2015, the first episode aired. But when the second season was over, Fox Spain picked up the show for the third and fourth seasons.

Daniel Ecija, Esther Martinez Lobato, Alex Pina, and Ivan Escobar are the people who made this comic. Netflix bought the rights to let people all over the world stream the show. A lot of people were thrilled to see the show.

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Some good things have been said about the work of the show’s cast and crew. The last episode of the series will be called “El Oasis,” which is the first Spanish name for this show.

In the first season, the main story was about a young woman who was tricked into stealing money for her lover. She will have to deal with the hard parts of life on her own and figure out how to get through them.

vis a vis season 6


Season 6 Plot of Vis a Vis

When Zulema’s time is up, Macarena comes to get her and takes her home. You’ll have to watch to find out what happened to them and the rest of the cast if you don’t want to. In the end, they realise that killing and stealing from rich people is the only way to stay alive.

Different people have different ideas about the new show. A character that a lot of people had grown to like had a sad ending. During Season 5, Macarena’s relationship with her boss has grown, and we’ve seen her willing to break the law.
She isn’t in jail anymore, and the story goes on. Macarena Ferrero, a small blonde girl who falls in love with her boss, is the first person in the collection. Even in accounting firms, a woman with this level of intelligence and experience can pull off frauds like these.
He doesn’t know what to do because he’s done so many bad things. But he has to deal with a new place, mental stress, and a group of other prisoners who support Zulma’s main enemy while he is in prison. She will be free to go to a vineyard when she gets out of jail.

The Vis a Vis Season 6 Cast

The focus of the spin-off is on the traits of the characters.
Saray Vargas de Jesus is played by Maggie Civantos.

Zahir Alba Flores is played by Najwa Nimri.

Soledad Nunez was played by Maria Isabel Diaz.

Carlos Sandoval Castro is played by Ramiro Blas.

Picchio was played by Ana Maria.

When the Sixth Season Will Be Out

The spin-off that started this year and is only on Netflix is called “Period 5.” The eight episodes of the spin-off were put on Netflix on July 31, and fans can now watch them all at once. They were locked up in Season 5, which will be available on Netflix on July 31, 2020.

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Because of the virus, Season 6 of Locked Up might be delayed. Also, neither Netflix nor the people who make the show have confirmed that Season 6 will be made. We’re also keeping an eye out for rumours that Season 6 won’t happen.

Trailer for Vis a Vis’s Sixth Season

The season 6 trailer has not been released yet. Here’s a link to the Season 5 trailer, which you can watch right now.

Questions People Usually Ask

Does Locked Up Come From Real Life?

In fact, the original name of Locked Up: A Mother’s Rage was They’re Doing My Time, which was also the name of a documentary.Even though Locked Up: A Mother’s Rage was based on the documentary They’re Doing My Time and starts with the standard “Based on a True Story,” it is, in many ways, a typical TV movie from the time.

Where did they make Vis a Vis?

Vis A Vis was filmed in Andaluca, Spain, in the city of Almera. Colmenar Viejo in Madrid, Spain, was another place where scenes were shot.

When Vis a Vis is over, what happens?

In the end, the two of them and their group are able to kill the cartel men, but just as they are about to get in the helicopter to leave, Zulema changes his mind and stays behind to hold the rest of the cartel while Macarena runs away.

Najwa Nimri Says No to a Possible Sixth Season That Takes Place Before “El Oasis.”

Vis A Vis is one of the most memorable Spanish TV shows we’ve ever seen. After the fourth season, fans were very upset that the show was over. The spin-off El Oasis gives people new hope, but it was only on for one season before it was cancelled. After a year, fans are wondering if there will ever be a season 6 that takes place between the original series and the spin-off.

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He gives this answer. Najwa Nimri was the translator for Zulema in both series. She was also Alicia Sierra in The Paper House. The actress, who has always been known for being very straightforward on Twitter, has decided to speak up. When a Vis a Vis fan asked actor Itziar Castro, who played Goya Fernández on the show, if there would ever be a sixth season, he replied, “I think all of us actresses would be glad to come back to ‘Vis a vis.'” But Zulema’s interpreter said “NO” right away. Castro, on the other hand, laughed it off and said, “She always says no, but then she does it!” The tweets are below.

vis a vis season 6

Vis à Vis is a popular drama, thriller, and black comedy show. Made in Spain, it is designed by Iván Escobar, Esther Martínez Lobato, Álex Pina and Daniel Écija. The first season has 11 episodes, and the second season has 13. On the other hand, the third and fourth matter both have eight episodes. We just have to wait for more news to find out more.

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