Viral Wavy Filter: How do I utilise the Wavy/ Waves filter in Reels?


Instagram and TikTok users continue to discover and employ trending filters to create videos. Some of them become insanely popular and receive millions of views when used. On Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat, the viral wavy or waves filter is currently the most popular filter.

Learn how to use the wave or wavy filter on Instagram or TikTok to produce Reels or videos with millions of views. It has joined the ranks of lately viral filters such as the Crying or Sad face filter and Rotoscope filter.

This widely-discussed filter is exclusive to Instagram, much like Snapchat’s Crying face filter. However, it can be used on TikTok, Snapchat, and any other social media site to make films that everyone will adore.

What is the Instagram or TikTok Wavy or Waves filter?

The “wavy” or “waves” Instagram filter is an effect that users can apply to their videos. This filter, as its name suggests, produces a wavy effect when used while in motion. When you use it while walking or standing motionless, you appear to be dancing even though you are not actually moving.

The new Instagram filter with waves that has gone popular is simply one of many with a similar effect. It’s called ‘Waves,’ and when it’s used to record a person walking or simply standing still, it creates a wavy effect that makes them appear to be dancing.

Recent attention has been drawn to the filter, and people are discussing it on social networking sites. Some are complimenting the effects, while others are unsure how to locate and apply the wavy filter.

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How do I utilise the Wavy/ Waves filter in Reels?

It’s easy to construct Instagram Reels with the waves or wavy effect because it’s native to the programme. It was created by Instagram user “kar.ina_” and features the Grupo La Cumbia song “Cumba Buena.” You need only search one of these or click on this link to locate it.

First, launch the Instagram app and hit the “create (+)” icon in the upper right corner, then select “Reel.” Now record the video on which you wish to apply the filter, and then apply it. Tap the “Browse Effects” button and then the search bar to add it.

Viral Wavy Filter

Input “Waves” into the search field and look for the @kar.ina_ filter. You can also access it at the link provided above. After locating the appropriate filter, add it to your Reel or Story.

Next, you must add the audio. To do so, after recording a video using the Waves filter, tap the sticker icon and then tap “Music.” Now look for Grupo La Cumbia’s “Cumba Buena” and add it to the video. Adjust the slider to select the desired portion of the track.

Tap “Done” and then share the video to your Instagram story or feed. You can also export it to your device or share it with your friends.

Unfortunately, the wavy/ waves filter is not directly accessible on TikTok. Nonetheless, this does not preclude its use. There is a clever workaround for using the wavy effect on TikTok to produce humorous films.

To utilise the same waves filter on TikTok, simply produce a video on Instagram following the previously described approach. Once the video has been generated, save it to your phone’s Camera Roll or Gallery. It is not required to be posted there.

Once it has been saved to your device, run the TikTok app, hit the “+” icon in the middle, and select “Upload.”

Now choose the Instagram-created video with the wavy filter, add any additional effects or stickers, and upload it to TikTok.

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Can you use Snapchat’s wave filter?

Yes, you can use the wavy effect on Snapchat similarly to how you use it on TikTok. It is not natively available on Snapchat, therefore you must use Instagram to produce the video. Then, you may export the video and share it with your Snapchat friends and followers, or upload it to Story.

You may post your wavy or waves filter movie on any platform, including YouTube Shorts, Facebook, etc., using a similar manner. This is the ideal time to upload a fun video with a filter, as it is widely trending.

TikTok’s “For You” tab contains hundreds of videos with wavy filters. Your video may also get thousands of views, likes, and comments if it makes it there. Create and share a super-attractive video quickly.

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