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The Valenzuela city council adopted Ordinance No 783, dubbed the ValTrace application Ordinance. It establishes criteria for the imposition of fines and the application’s implementation. The application is a government initiative to leverage technology while keeping social separation as the primary objective of citizens in order to halt the spread of the Noble Corona Virus.

The government takes the lead in developing contactless forms and software that maximises the use of technology. The Valtrace app download is required for enterprises listed in the ordinance, and the user must register with the system, do the QR scanning, and submit the local information to the local government after being offline for 24 hours or more from the system.

How to Use the Qr Code Scanner in Valenzuela?

The Valenzuela City Local Government has established a law requiring the use of a QR scanner to access the Valtrace App; this is a response to the Pandemic’s huge spread. The software is available for free download and is accessible to both residents and non-residents. No QR, no entry is about to be implemented. Scanning the QR code is a straightforward process.

  • Open the camera that is capable of scanning QR codes (most smartphones these days include this feature), the built-in camera. There is a QR code scanning option there.
  • If you cannot locate one, navigate to settings, select the control centre, and then modify controls.
  • Adjust your phone to the position of the QR code in the viewfinder. When the phone is held properly, the camera immediately detects the code.
  • Allow the code to execute.

How to Register?

  • According to the regulation, all residents and non-residents of Valenzuela must download and register for the Valtrace app.
  • You can either search for the application on any web portal or navigate to and click on the ValTrace app Registration link. The page flashes alternatives such as ‘Citizen Register’ and ‘Citizen Login’, as well as ‘Merchant Register’ and ‘Merchant Login’.
  • Continue by clicking on the appropriate section. Once completed, the website will request some basic information such as your name, birth date, province, residence, and cell phone number.
  • Once you’ve confirmed the password, click Submit to proceed.
  • Whenever entering a commercial establishment, it is mandatory to scan the QR code and proceed.
  • By following these simple actions, one can contribute good deeds to halt the spread of the Covid-19.

How to Obtain a Free Copy of the Valtrace Contact Tracing Software or Apk?

The purpose of the contact tracing programme is to keep people safe and to help contain the spread of the Noble Corona Virus. The principle is straightforward: whenever someone becomes infected, everyone from family members to friends is notified, as well as anyone who has come into contact with the person in the last two months. This is accomplished as soon as possible.

The application and registration process are completely free of charge because they are for the greater good of the country. The Ordinance supports the Valtrace application, and all Valenzuela residents and non-residents must register and download their unique QR codes beginning 12 September.

Everything is free, and when an individual scans their QR code, their personal information is sent to the Central Contact Tracing system. Individuals who fail to labour in accordance with the ordinance are subject to charges as determined by the Government.

How Does It Function?

Residents and visitors to Valenzuela must have the Valtrace programme downloaded to their mobile devices. Whenever they enter a public or private space, they must scan the QR code on the application form, which transmits all of their personal information to the Valenzuela central Contact Tracing System at the Mega Contact Tracing centre for more efficient scanning of the persons.

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If any of the individuals develops symptoms, the app flashes, alerting all of the individual’s friends and family to remain vigilant and report any signs they detect.

Valtrace application case neoprene Valenzuela is a cause-related programme whose implementation will be more effective in halting the virus’s rapid spread and will be beneficial to Valenzuela’s welfare.

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