Urusei Yatsura: Release Date, Time, and How to Watch a New Anime Are Explained!


What time and where can you watch the brand-new Urusei Yatsura anime series online when it debuts? Even though the third week of the 2022 Fall anime broadcasting season is about to begin, Urusei Yatsura’s premiere is slated to bring another late addition to the schedule.

With over 1.1 million views on its YouTube teaser, this series relaunch, which is being billed as a Shounen science fiction rom-com, has undoubtedly caught the interest of fans everywhere!

Everything you need to know about the new season is provided here, including information on how viewers may watch Urusei Yatsura from anywhere in the world, information on the plot of the show, and information on when and where you can watch the anime.

What’s the Story of Urusei Yatsura?

David Productions, which also made JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Fire Force, and Cells at Work, is making the upcoming Urusei Yatsura anime, which is based on Rumiko Takahashi’s original manga series.

The story is about a young man named Ataru Moroboshi, who is not special in almost any way except for how bad his luck is. One day, a group of aliens called the Oni come to Earth, and Ataru is chosen to fight Lum, the princess of the aliens, in a one-on-one battle.

The dual turns out to be a game of tag, which gives Ataru a break. He wins by taking Lum’s bikini top, since the alien princess cares more about her reputation than about winning the contest. Unfortunately, Lum thinks that Ataru’s promise to marry Shinobu Miyake, his long-time girlfriend, is a promise to marry her.

This is something that she gets used to. People are still afraid of aliens, so Ataru has to stay with Lum and make her happy. Can Ataru keep Lum happy enough so that the aliens don’t destroy Earth and his relationship with Shinobu?

Where to Watch Urusei Yatsura Online

Urusei Yatsura can be watched all over the world on the HiDive streaming service. HiDive gives new customers a free seven-day trial of their premium service, so you don’t have to spend any money until you’re sure the anime is one you want to stick with.

Urusei Yatsura Release Date

Then, it costs $4.99 a month or $47.99 a year to become a member of HiDive.

The streaming rights for Akiba Maid War, Bibliophile Princess, The Eminence in Shadow, Love Flops, My Master Has No Tail, and Reincarnated as a Sword have also been bought by the platform.

Urusei Yatsura Release Date

The first episode of Urusei Yatsura is set to air in Japan in the early hours of Friday, October 14. Most of the rest of the world will be able to watch the new anime on Thursday, October 13.

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HiDive has confirmed that the first episode of the Urusei Yatsura anime will be available to stream over-the-top (OTT) at the following times around the world:

  • Pacific Time – 11:20 AM
  • Eastern Time – 2:20 PM
  • British Time – 7:20 PM
  • European Time – 8:20 PM
  • India Time – 11:50 PM
  • Philippine Time – 2:20 AM
  • Australia Central Daylight Time – 4:50 AM

For the next episodes, the international release time will be moved up by 50 minutes.

Episode 1 will be split into two parts, and the official Japanese website for the anime series has posted the following previews:

Coming of Age: Ram, the daughter of an ogre tribe that has come to attack the world, and Ataru Moroboshi, a kind-hearted high school student, are picked to play tag while the fate of the planet is at stake. She is motivated by her childhood friend Shinobu Miyake, who promises to marry her if she succeeds, and pursues Ram. Episode 01A Story, retrieved from the official website.

Part two of the episode:

Ataru is tired of Ram interrupting him every time he speaks to Shinobu on the phone, which has become a serious situation. The jamming signal that Ram transmits from his spaceship to Earth prevents them from making phone calls, but the two are still eager and decide to meet up in person. the official website: Episode 01B Story.

The series will include 46 overall episodes over the course of four cours (three-month programming blocks), however they “may not necessarily [be broadcast] sequentially,” according to Anime News Network.

Urusei Yatsura Trailer

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