Tyler Stanaland Worth: Why is He Different From Other Real Estate Brokers?


After binge-watching the first season of the hit reality television show Selling the OC on Netflix, fans are eager in learning more about the cast members.

Despite being set in two different places in the state of California, Selling Sunset and Selling the OC obviously follow the same tendencies. The staff at Selling Sunset are responsible for real estate transactions around the greater Los Angeles area.

The focus of the real estate transactions on Selling the OC, which follows a team of real estate agents, is beachfront estates. Tyler Stanaland is one of the real estate agents on the show who is making a name for himself. What is his total wealth at the moment?

The Early Years of Tyler Stanland

The date of birth of Tyler Stanaland is July 19, 1989. Born and bred in Laguna Beach, California, he is a well-known surfer, realtor, media face, content developer, TV personality, and entrepreneur from the United States. This extraordinary individual has become a national icon of surfing. Tyler is a professional surfer and is also well-known in the real estate market.


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According to his LinkedIn profile, Stanaland has been employed at The Oppenheim Group as a Licensed Realtor since November 2021. In addition, he worked with Villa Real Estate as a Licensed Realtor from August 2020 until March 2022. I should note that Tyler is also a content creator.

At Catch Surf, he supervised the promotional operations for the clothes section. Those interested in learning more about Tyler Stanaland should read this.

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When Did He Enter His Real Estate Business?

Tyler qualified for a Real Estate Salesperson’s licence at the age of eighteen. However, surfing also captivated his interest, and he eventually made it his profession. In truth, he was a member of the Catch Surf Team, and Newport Beach was his preferred surfing location.


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After incurring a cut across the top of his head while surfing, he was forced to take a break from the activity. His wound required 19 staples, and it occurred in Wedge.

Later, in 2010, Tyler decided to enter the real estate profession and began working as a Realtor for HOM Sotheby’s International Realty; in 2018, he returned to his family’s business after eight successful years in the sector.

How Much is Tyler Stanaland Worth?

There are differing estimations of Tyler’s wealth as of 2022. News Unzip estimates that he is worth between $4 and $5 million. In an interview, Sarkariplans claimed to be worth $15 million. According to Popular Net Worth, he is currently worth $350,000. Given the large error margin, it is challenging to assess Tyler’s true wealth.

Until he discloses a few more details about his current financial situation, it remains somewhat of a mystery. We are aware that he is a proficient surfer, model, social media influencer, and social media influencer, as well as a real estate agent and a surprising Netflix reality television sensation.

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Who is His Spouse?

According to reports in the media, Tyler Westley Stanaland is married. He has dated Brittany Snow for a considerable amount of time. Brittany and Tyler apparently get engaged on February 19, 2019, according to Wikipedia.


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The couple tied the knot on March 14, 2020, after a year of dating. The location of their wedding ceremony was Malibu. You should be aware that Brittany is a well-known American actress. The details of Tyler’s romantic past and children are unknown.

Among her numerous film and television credits is the seven-picture Pitch Perfect series, which ran from 2012 to 2017 and provided her with an opportunity to display her singing ability. She has appeared in the films John Tucker Must Die, Someone Great, and Hairspray, among others. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Brittany has a net worth of $9 million.

A Glance at His Family!

If we’re discussing Tyler’s ancestry, he comes from a prosperous business family. He primarily practises Christianity. Stanaland is home to a wide variety of ethnic groups. He resembles his renowned real estate agent father, John Stanland. Lisa Cameron is Tyler’s mother, according to his Instagram posts.

Trevor Stanaland, on the other hand, is Tyler’s brother. I should mention that his brother Trevor is also a professional surfer. Additionally, Stanaland posted family photos to Instagram.

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Why Does He Differ From Other Real Estate Agents?

Tyler’s occupation as a surfer afforded him numerous opportunity to travel to diverse areas throughout the globe. Traveling is a skill that not everyone possesses. When the time came for him to return to the real estate industry, he had no doubt that he would target the luxury part of the market.

Tyler distinguishes himself from other real estate brokers because he takes his time and does his research prior to making decisions. One of his goals is to assure the continuity of his family’s business, and with each transaction he completes, he moves closer to achieving this purpose.

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