Twitter Videos Download: How to Download Twitter Videos on an Android Device?

Twitter is one of the most popular social networking websites, with millions of members. The number of daily posts has increased as the number of users has grown. In addition, numerous tweets from this social media account have embedded videos. You will be aware that posting or viewing these films on Twitter is quite simple.

Twitter provides no download button for videos. But this does not mean that downloading Twitter videos is impossible.

This article describes how to download Twitter videos on an Android device or a computer.

How to Download Videos From Twitter in a Web Browser

Regardless of the platform you are using, Android or PC, a standard web browser will always be available. Using a web browser, you can download Twitter videos using this way. Follow the instructions below to download Twitter videos.

  1. Visit on your computer or the Twitter app on your mobile device. Not necessary required to log in.
  2. Open the video you desire to download and click on the share menu at the bottom right of the tweet.
  3. Tap “Copy link to tweet” then.
  4. Now, launch the Google Chrome web browser. Moreover, visit Twitter Video Downloader.
  5. You will see a text entry field on the screen. You must paste the Twitter video URL that you just copied.
  6. Twitter’s video will be processed by the website so that it can be downloaded in multiple video quality options.
  7. Simply right-click the video resolution you wish and select “Save link as.”
  8. The video file will be downloaded to your device in MP4 format. The file can be located in the File Manager.

Twitter Videos Download

How to Download Twitter Videos on an Android Device?

The second technique for downloading Twitter videos is by using a Third-Party App. This procedure is likewise quite straightforward and requires no technological knowledge. Follow the instructions below to do so.

  1. Launch the Google Play Store on your Android device and download the Twitter Video Downloader app.
  2. Click the share button while viewing the video you desire to download.
  3. Now, tap the Share through button and locate Twitter Video Downloader in the list.
  4. Choose the video quality of the clip you wish to download. And it concludes your obligations.
  5. The Twitter video will be downloaded at the rate of your Internet connection.
  6. These are the two approaches for downloading Twitter videos effortlessly. You may choose the way
  7. that best suits you. I hope this article was helpful.
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