Twitter Circle: When Will Twitter Circle Be Accessible to All Users?

Twitter Circle is a new microblogging feature that has been offered exclusively for certain users in specific countries. It is not yet available to all Twitter users, as testing only began in May. Determine what Twitter Circle is, how it functions, and how to add it to your account.

Twitter Circle enables users to send Tweets to a pre-selected group of other users. The common assumption is that it is comparable to Twitter Communities. However, it is significantly dissimilar to them.

It is comparable to having protected Tweets under a private account. However, this audience size is significantly reduced while using Circle. It is comparable to Instagram’s Close Friends function, which allows users to publish Stories that are only viewable to a certain set of followers.

What exactly is Twitter Circle?

Twitter Circle is a new feature that allows users to create a small group and send direct Tweets to its members. Only members of the Circle will be able to view, reply to, and interact with the Tweet. You may include up to 150 individuals in a private Twitter Circle.

Twitter revealed the feature on 3 May 2022, and it is currently undergoing testing. Throughout June and the first few days of July, the feature was made available to additional users. However, only select accounts in regions such as the United States, Canada, etc. have access to this feature.

Twitter Circle

Not all users currently have access to the feature. However, those who have access to it can build a Twitter Circle and invite any of the more than 229 million active users on Twitter. However, they must accept your request to join the Circle once it is extended.

How Does the Twitter Circle Function?

Twitter Circle functions by forming a small group, comparable to a WhatsApp group. When you submit a Tweet to a Twitter Circle, only its members will be able to react and interact with it. Other Twitter users will not have access to it.

Twitter Circle users are permitted to like and comment on the Tweet. However, there is no option to Retweet or Quote Tweet. Users can still snap screenshots or screen captures of a Tweet. Thus, you should utilise the Circle with caution.

Other Circle members may also send Tweets within the limited group. You can determine which Tweets were submitted to your Circle by other members based on the green notification that appears beneath each Tweet.

It differs from Twitter Communities, which provide a platform for like-minded users to communicate and debate topics of interest.

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How to Get and Use Twitter Circle

To obtain the Twitter Circle, you must utilise the most recent version of the app and hope to be chosen to test the function. Once the app has been updated, you will find a “Everyone” option next to your profile symbol in the Tweet composer.

You must tap the down arrow and select “Twitter Circle” from the menu. Next, tap the Edit option and begin adding individuals to your Circle. You can select the appropriate users for your small group from the Recommended page and click “Add” to include them.

Twitter Circle

After creating the Circle, compose the Tweet, ensure that “Twitter Circle” is chosen in the audience option, and then send the Tweet. You can also Retweet or Quote Tweet to the Circle by selecting the appropriate audience type.

After publication, only Circle members will be able to access and interact with the Tweet. The Circle is completely exclusive. Therefore, only you will be able to view and reply to your Tweets.

How Do I Edit Twitter Circles?

Twitter Circle has a maximum capacity of 150 users. You can modify the Circle at any moment to add or delete members. To do so, navigate to the Tweet editor, tap the arrow next to “Everyone,” and then tap the “Edit” icon next to Circle.

You can now add and remove users from your Circle. You will not receive any notification when adding or removing people.

Can a Twitter Circle Be Left?

Yes, it is possible to exit an unnecessary Twitter Circle that you were added to. Simply unfollow the individual and you will be removed from their Circle. However, they can re-follow you if you choose to do so.

To avoid being added to their Circle again, you can block them. You also have the option to Mute them if you’re not interested in seeing what’s happening in the Circle. You have the option to either silence the author or the conversation on Twitter.

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When Will Twitter Circle Be Accessible to All Users?

Twitter Circle is in its infancy at present. Therefore, not all Twitter users have access to the function. The feature is accessible to a restricted number of individuals internationally. App users who have access to the functionality will see an introduction pop-up.

Simply tap “Get Started,” read the instructions, and begin using Twitter Circle. If Twitter has not chosen you to test the functionality, there is no way to manually gain it. Although you can join the Circles of other users who have access to the feature, you cannot create your own Circles.

Twitter began testing the function in May and expanded its availability to all users the following month. It is anticipated to extend much further in July. The feature may become accessible to everyone in the near future.

Until then, you can join the Circles of other users to familiarise yourself with the feature. Do you believe that Twitter needed such a feature? Please share your opinions in the comment section.

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